The Master of Science in Health Informatics program provides our local Northeast Florida graduate students with internship opportunities at major hospitals, and healthcare and/or health related organizations of the Jacksonville area to help them gain practical training or hands-on experience, which will allow them to become trained health informatics professionals and ready for employment within the health information technology market. Graduates of the Master of Science in Health Informatics program will be permitted to pursue internship opportunities at organizations such as Brooks Rehabilitation, Baptist Health, St. Vincent, Mayo Clinic, Florida Blue, and Availity.

  • Internship opportunities will be available to graduate students with a 3.0 GPA and who have completed 30 credit hours of core courses.​
  • All internship programs are designed to introduce our graduate students to different clinical information systems such as Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMRs), Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE), Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS), relational/SQL database management systems, emerging trends and technologies within the health informatics spectrum such as health data analytics, Big Data, and health data mining.
  • At the internship site, student interns will work under the supervision of a preceptor or internship coordinator designed by management at the internship site and who will share the responsibility for the education, schedule, activities, learning experiences, guidance, and supervision of graduate health informatics students participating in the Internship Site Program.
  • At the internship site, students will be required to complete 160 hours of supervised and productive work.​  
  • All interns will also be assigned a faculty advisor responsible for evaluating and coordinating their internship activities and for working with the Internship Site supervisor to assign the education of health informatics students and provide information to the Internship Site staff on the attendance policy, student responsibilities, site supervisor expectations, and other responsibilities of participation in the Internship Site Program.

Need To Hire Health Informatics Specialists?

Would your organization like to be a host site for our MSHI interns? This 8-week internship will be the MSHI student’s capstone experience and includes 160 hours during the 8-week course. The internship would provide your organization with a recruitment pipeline of potential health informatics specialists and assist with strategic informatics projects. To schedule an informational session on site, please email us at for more details.