Bachelor of Science in Kinesiological Sciences

Kinesiology, the academic discipline that studies mechanics and psychology of movement, physical activity and its impact on health, society, and quality of life, nutrition, injury prevention. In recent years it has emerged as the undergraduate degree of choice for many students seeking careers in a variety of allied health/medical fields, as well as in more traditional areas such as fitness, health promotion, wellness, movement optimization and nutrition. 

Kinesiological science prepares students well for professional graduate schools in medicine, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, dentistry, veterinary and chiropractic medicine. Depending on the student’s interest, preparation for a career in public health, nutrition, exercise physiology, motor control, biomechanics, strength and conditioning, and personal training is also available. The core courses in the kinesiology degree provide a broad foundation for the study of human movement form a variety of perspectives along with an opportunity to acquire all the needed prerequisites for graduate and/or professional school. Students will encounter a strong foundation of applied science courses that integrate hands-on applications applying theory into practice. Students learn a variety of assessments skills to enhance marketability for careers and admission to graduate and health professional schools. Students complete their program with a culminating internship experience in physical rehabilitation settings, athletic training settings, fitness and wellness, private gyms or sport and sport performance related fields.   

The Department of Kinesiology offers a 4 + 1 program, a bridge to the MS in Kinesiology (non-thesis option), which is ideal for students who wish to earn a BS in Kinesiological Sciences and an  MS in Kinesiological Sciences in 5 years.

All 4 +1 students must apply by the end of their junior year if he or she has not declared the 4+1 option prior to that time. 

  1. If accepted, the student may enroll in 5 of the cross listed (UG/G) courses during senior year 
  2. In the fifth-year students must enroll in graduate level courses 

Students in the 4 + 1 will receive a maximum of 15 credits applied toward the graduate program. This means that the undergraduate will enroll in the 500 level of the class. Fifteen undergraduate credits will be applied toward graduate study, i.e., a more rigorous version of  the same content area will be engaged by the student at the senior level. 

At the conclusion of the fifth-year students will receive their B.S. and M.S. in Kinesiological Sciences.

Admissions & Curriculum

Students are accepted into the Kinesiology Program Freshman year. Maintenance of the required GPA is needed to remain in the program. For more information about regarding the admission process and remaining in the Kinesiology program, please contact undergraduate admissions at  

For Direct Information regarding Admissions for Jacksonville University please visit the Office of Admissions home. Click here to review the BS KIN Program Outcomes.

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Points of Contact

Dr. Jeffrey Wight

Interim Department Chair. Kinesiology
Associate Professor of Kinesiology