Requesting Accommodations

​After you have been accepted to Jacksonville University, and you have decided to attend, follow the following steps to register with us and start receiving accommodations.

Setting up Services with the DSS Office

Getting Registered with our office 

In order to process requests in a timely manner and to assist you as you make your transition to our campus, we request that you:

Step 1: Sign in through Accommodate to initiate your request. 

To do this, click on the "Register with DSS" box below.This link will take you to our intake form where you will be able to make your request and provide the supportive documentation you currently have. 

Register with DSS 

Upon receipt of your documentation, a member of the DSS Team will review the materials and reach out to you if we need any additional information and/or for any next steps.

You may also submit your Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and Summary of Performance (SOPs), but keep in mind that these documents are viewed as supplemental documentation and do not substitute for the documentation requirement. You may still need to provide documentation from an accredited medical professional. 

Step 2: Meet with a DSS representative.

You will need to attend a registration appointment with a DSS counselor to determine appropriate accommodations based on the submitted documentation and to discuss your specific needs. Through this process, an accommodation letter will be created, and you will have the ability to share it with some or all of your faculty.

Step 3: Faculty Notification.

Within the Accommodate interface, you will be able to choose which accommodations to have on the letter and to whom you’ll be sending it. After you make your selection through the system and the letter is shared, make sure you connect with each of your faculty members to discuss your accommodations, how you would like to use them, and/or how they can best support you. Keep in mind that you need to provide a minimum of five (5) business days of notice, so arrangements can be made. 

Step 4: Meet with your professors.

The Disability Support Services office recommends you schedule a meeting with each of your professors to discuss recommended accommodations in each class, as well as check in with them periodically, if/ when needed.

Renewing your Accommodations or Any Additional Request  

The following steps will need to be taken every term, as part of your accommodation renewal process.

  1. Click on the "Accommodate" box below to access the Accommodate portal.
  2. From the options on the screen, choose “student.”
  3. From the options on the left-hand side, click on “Accommodation” and then select “Semester Request/Renewal” or any other Request type.
  4. For renewal, click on the semester drop-down list, select the term you want to renew accommodations for.
  5. After choosing the Add New button your approved and renewable accommodations will display on the screen. You will then choose the semester for which the request is being submitted and their courses will populate. From here, you can select the Submit for all Accommodations or Review the Renewal button.


Temporary Accommodations 

Select one of the processes depending on need 

Sports Related Injuries

If you or your athlete are in need of some supportive services through our office, please click on the request button below and provide all the needed information regarding the injury and need, as well as upload the supportive documentation you have. 

SRI Request

DSS Temporary Parking Pass

This pass allows the user to park in any non-designated and/or ADA parking spot around campus. In order to make this request you will need to provide supportive documentation noting the need and the duration, as well as information regarding you car (model, make and tag number). To initiate the request, please click on the temporary request button below. 

DSS Parking Pass Request

Need/Request for Temporary Accommodations

For a temporary request due to a medical need, please use the link below to initiate the request process. Also, be advised that supportive medical documentation will be needed in order to have the request reviewed. 

Temporary Request

Temporary Remote Learning Needs 

Please be advised this request submittal does not guarantee the accommodation will be approved for each or any of your courses, but we will work on assisting with the process.

The process to initiate a DSS temporary medical accommodation due to a medical need is as follows:

  1. Click the "Temp Request" button below and fill out the intake form.
    Remote Learning Request
  2. Upload a letter from your medical provider (must be on their letterhead) establishing the accommodation need and the reason for it, as well as the recommended accommodation that could/would provide you with the necessary support. 
  3. Once we have received the request and documentation, it will be reviewed, and you will be notified via email about the next steps (if any).
  4. The request and supporting documentation will be reviewed and processed with the assistance of your academic department, and you will be notified via email once this process is finalized. 

It is important to note we are a traditional, ground-based institution; therefore, most classes will be taught in an in-person format.  We will do our best to assist you in obtaining your requested accommodation.

Important Reminders

Accommodation Letters are only good for the semester the student is attending. You must renew your accommodations every term you wish to have them active or use them.

Disability Support Services

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Disability Support Services

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