Dear Incoming Student

Dear Incoming Student,

Welcome to Jacksonville University!

As you prepare for your exciting journey into higher education, we want to ensure that you have all the necessary support and resources available to thrive academically and personally during your me here. As part of our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, we want to provide you with information regarding our office and potential services you may receive.

At Jacksonville University, we understand that each student brings unique strengths and challenges to the academic environment. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive community where all students have equal opportunities to succeed. If you have a disability or a condition that may require accommodations to ensure equal access to education, we encourage you to contact us.

The Disability Support Services office is here to support you throughout your academic journey by providing reasonable accommodations tailored to your individual needs. These accommodations may include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance with course schedule review
  • Adjustments to full-time status requirements
  • Coordination of services with other University departments such as Residential Life and Counseling Services
  • Counseling in faculty/peer relations
  • Guidance in lifestyle management
  • Community agency referrals
  • Priority seating
  • Classroom Relocation
  • Ability to audio record lectures
  • Extra time for tests
  • Alternative test formats, etc.

Requesting accommodations is a confidential process, and our staff is committed to maintaining your privacy and confidentiality. To initiate the accommodation process, we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible. You can find more information about the documentation requirements and accommodation request procedures on our website or by contacting the office directly.

Please be advised that any documentation regarding services you received from High School and/or any previous institution must be sent directly to the DSS office for processing. If the documentation is sent to any other department, i.e., Admissions, that documentation will not find its way to us, as confidentiality laws prevent it from being shared without previous authorization (in writing).

We want to emphasize that seeking accommodations is not a sign of weakness but rather a proactive step toward ensuring your academic success and well-being. Our goal is to create an inclusive and supportive environment where every student can thrive and reach their full potential.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding disability accommodations, please reach out to us via email at If you have any questions regarding any other aspect of student life at Jacksonville University, please don't hesitate to reach out via email to We are here to support you every step of the way.

Once again, welcome to Jacksonville University. We look forward to supporting you in your academic journey and witnessing your growth and success.




Olga Lucia Flórez, M.Ed., MPA

Director of Disability Support Services

Jacksonville University

 (904) 256-7533