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"What is the application deadline?"

  • Freshman Acceptance (Direct Entry):
    • Rolling Admissions - We will continue to consider applications until 50 students have accepted their seats. Please apply to JU as a Freshman and select "Nursing" as your Academic Program.
  • Traditional BSN Program:
    • Fall entry: March 1
    • Spring entry: October 1
  • Accelerated BSN Programs:
    • Rolling Admissions - We will continue to consider applications until the cohorts for each program are filled (see cohort sizes below).
  • MECP Applicants:
    • June 1 - Important note regarding the MECP timeline: Applicants must apply one year in advance of the semester they intend to begin the program in order to align themselves with the Officer Commissioning package deadline (AY25: September 1, 2024). Aligning yourself with the fall application deadline will ensure receiving the necessary paperwork an Officer Commissioning package requires, such a degree plan and transfer equivalency report (TER). Package materials will be made available to students accepted to the Traditional BSN by early-July.

"What are your application requirements?"

Please visit the program's page to find out specific requirements.

"I'm considering the Traditional BSN program and see an associate's degree is required. Do I have to have an associate's degree or will 60 credits satisfy the degree requirement?"

You must be formally awarded a degree. Your degree must be awarded by a regionally accredited institution and conferred by the beginning of the program.

"Where do I apply?"

Here you go, future Dolphin nurse!

Apply to the Traditional BSN Program - External Candidate

Current JU Student - Application Request

Apply to the Accelerated BSN Programs


"When do the next Accelerated BSN (ABSN) programs start?"

The 16-month - Main Campus program begins spring term (January 2024).

The 12-month - Mayo begins summer term (May 2024).

The 12-month - Baptist Health begins fall term (August 2023).

"I'm interested in transferring to JU. Do I have to submit a separate general application to the University before I apply to the Program?"

No. When you submit a nursing application, you are simultaneously applying to JU.

"How long does it take to find out my decision?"

  • Freshman Acceptance: These applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by a general Undergraduate Admissions officer. Decisions are typically issued 6 weeks after your application is completed (this includes submitting all required documents). During times of high volume, it may take up to 8 weeks to issue a decision.
  • Traditional BSN Program: All applications are reviewed after the deadline. Decisions are typically issued 6 weeks after the application closes.
  • Accelerated BSN Programs: These applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by Graduate and Professional Studies admissions officers. Decisions are typically issued 6 weeks after your application is completed (this includes submitting all required documents). During times of high volume, it may take up to 8 weeks to issue a decision.
  • MECP Applicants: All applications are reviewed after June 1. Decisions are typically issued 6 weeks after the application closes.

"How can I prepare before beginning my application?"

  1. Gather copies of unofficial transcripts for each institution you attended
  2. Register for outstanding pre-requisite courses
  3. Provide proof of enrollment in outstanding pre-requisites (e.g., an unofficial transcript showing registration in a future term)

"What will my application be evaluated on?"

Applications are evaluated on the following components:

  1. Cumulative GPA
  2. Pre-requisite GPA
  3. Writing sample
  4. Recorded interview

"Do you require letters of recommendation?"

No, we do not require letters of recommendation. Submitted letters will not be considered by the review committee.

"Do I need to submit transcripts with my nursing application?"

Yes. However, you may submit unofficial transcripts at the time you apply. You must submit a separate transcript for each institution, even if courses appear as transfer credits on a different institution's transcript. If all transcripts are not received by our application deadline, your application will not be considered for admission.

If accepted and you enroll in our program, you must submit official transcripts to the Registrar before the beginning of the program.

"What can I expect from the interview? How should I prepare for it?"

Interviews are conducted via a one-way recording found within the online application. You will have 10 minutes to respond to all five questions in one video recording. The questions will be presented to you at the time of recording.

Helpful Tips

  • Review the Career Resource Center's Interview Tips.
  • Current JU students can schedule a mock interview with the Career Resource Center.
  • Answer all parts of the question.
  • Be prepared to answer questions regarding your academic, professional, leadership, and volunteer experience(s).
  • Dress professionally.
  • Speak in a professional manner (avoid ‘like’ and ‘um’).
  • Minimize distractions in your recording space, such as pets, others speaking in the background, and loud noises.
  • Choose a simple background, such as a simple or undecorated wall.
  • This is a chance to show your confidence, amicability, and potential as a future nurse. Remember to set yourself apart!

"Can I re-record my interview?"

Students are only allowed one attempt to record the interview. It is designed to mimic a real interview setting where applicants are not able to prepare their responses in advance.

"What should I keep in mind when preparing my writing sample?"

  • You must answer all three writing prompts
  • Each prompt is limited to a 200 word response
  • Vocabulary and diction
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Reviewers are looking for students who write at a level above their peers.
  • Current JU students can visit Career Management for assistance with application essays
  • Consider asking a mentor, professor, or professional role model for feedback on your responses
  • Tip: Draft your answers in a word processor (e.g., Word, Google Drive, etc.) and paste your final draft into the application. This will help you avoid spelling errors and monitor your word count.

"Wish you knew the writing prompt questions?"

Start a new application and select 'Nursing' as your Academic Program to find out right now!

Apply to the Traditional BSN Program - External Applicants

Current JU Student - Application Request

Apply to the Accelerated BSN Programs

"When will I know if I'm brought up from the waitlist?"

Students may be brought up from the waitlist up to one day before the program begins. If accepted, you must still have your pre-requisite courses complete by the beginning of the program. Extensions are not granted.

If you are not pulled up from the waitlist by the start of the program and are still interested in joining us in the future, you must reapply.


"How much does the nursing program cost?"

Traditional BSN students are considered full-time undergraduates. Please refer to Undergraduate Tuition & Costs for full-time tuition information.

Please refer to Graduate Tuition & Costs for the cost of our Accelerated BSN (ABSN) programs. The full cost of tuition will be divided up equally among each semester (3 semesters for the 12-month programs & 4 semesters for the 16-month program).

For all programs, there is also a one-time, non-refundable clinical subscription fee due at the beginning of the program. This fee is applied to the cost of NUR 221 and may be covered by financial aid. This fee changes depending on costs of materials and subscription services, but typically ranges from $1,800 to $2,000.

Items included in this program fee:

  • Keigwin School of Nursing (KSON) embroidered scrub top and scrub bottoms (lab and clinical uniform)
  • KSON polo (community service uniform)
  • KSON name badge
  • KSON lab kit
  • STAR/Skills lab supplies
  • HURST NCLEX Preparation
  • ATI subscription (used in each course)
  • myClinicalExchange
  • CastleBranch (fingerprinting, drug test, and background check)
  • Orientation/Clinical expenses

"What is Jacksonville University's FAFSA school code?"

JU's FAFSA school code is 001495.

"Who can I speak to about my financial aid options?"

Once accepted to a program and your FAFSA processed, you should reach out to your Student Financial Services Counselor.

To schedule a Zoom meeting with your counselor, please visit the Office of Student Financial Aid and Financial Services' appointment scheduler.

"Can I use federal aid for the accelerated programs?"

Yes. However, please be aware that there is an undergraduate life-time limit to the amount you can borrow from the federal government depending on the loan.

Admissions officers cannot give financial aid advice. Once accepted, please complete a FAFSA application and contact Student Financial Services to discuss your loan options.

"Can I use my military benefits for the program?"

Yes! Please reach out to the Veterans and Military Resource Center ( for more information on funding your studies with military benefits.

Did you know? U.S. News & World Report named Jacksonville University "One of the most military friendly college campuses in the United States." Here's how the city of Jacksonville supports our Military.

"How many applicants are accepted to each program?"

"What is your NCLEX pass rate for first-time test takers?"

As of December 2022, 94.44% of our students pass the NCLEX Exam on the first attempt. This is far above the state and national averages of 72% and 82%, respectively.

"How many clinical hours will students experience?"

Our nursing students receive over 750 hours of clinical experience.

"Are scholarships available?"

Yes! Jacksonville University students have access to many grant and scholarship opportunities. Below are just a few.

  • Schedule a Campus Tour - $1000 grant towards your tuition (Plus, you can arrange a tour of our nursing facilities on the same day!)
  • Merit Scholarships - Every applicant is automatically considered for an academic scholarship if accepted.
  • Jacksonville University Brooks Rehabilitation Nursing Excellence Scholarship - Scholarship recipients will receive a $10,000 scholarship in exchange for an 18-month work commitment at the current market rate with Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital or Halifax Center for Inpatient Rehabilitation.
  • Additional University Programs & Scholarships


"Do I have to complete all of the pre-requisites before I apply?"

Nope! You can apply with pre-requisites still in progress. However, you must complete all pre-requisite courses with a 'C' or higher before the program begins

"Can someone look at my transcripts and tell me if I meet all of the requirements?"

Yes, we offer pre-application, courtesy evaluations of your unofficial transcripts to determine if you satisfy our minimum requirements. We must have a separate transcript for each institution in order to provide an accurate assessment, even if courses appear as transfer credits on a different institution's transcript. Transcripts must include the institution's name and institutional GPA.

  • Traditional BSN Applicants
    • Current JU Students: Please reach out to your current academic advisor to verify completion of the program requirements.
    • Transfer & Second Degree Applicants: Please email unofficial transcripts to Undergraduate Admissions at
  • Accelerated BSN (ABSN) applicants, please email unofficial transcripts to Graduate Admissions at

"Is there a time limit on pre-requisite courses?"

Anatomy & Physiology I and II must be completed in the last 10 years.

However, if your current profession utilizes anatomy and physiology daily (e.g., Certified Nursing Assistants), you may petition the review committee for courses taken over 10 years ago. Submitting a petition does not guarantee approval.

"Can pre-requisites be completed online or at another school?"

Yes, you may complete pre-requisite courses at any regionally accredited institution. Please know, determining the transferability of a course is at the discretion of the Registrar and nursing program.

If you are unsure if a course will satisfy our requirements, please email a copy of the course syllabus to Denise Bloom ( for verification.

"Which courses must have a lab component to satisfy the requirements?"

  • Anatomy & Physiology I (4 credits)
  • Anatomy & Physiology II (4 credits)
  • Microbiology (4 credits)
  • General Chemistry (4 credits)

"Can my bachelor's degree substitute for pre-requisite courses?"

No. You must complete all seven of the required pre-requisite regardless of degree, training, or job experience.


"I took nursing courses at another institution. Can those credits go toward my nursing curriculum so I can finish to program sooner?"

No, we do not accept nursing courses from other programs. All accepted students must complete all courses in our program curriculum.

"What is the class schedule like?"

All tracks of our pre-licensure BSN program are considered full-time. Students are expected to attend classes on campus four days a week. The number of clinicals days per week varies by program (please visit the program's page for details). Class times vary by semester.

"Can I work while enrolled in the accelerated program?"

Due to the accelerated format of the 12-month program, holding a job is not advised. Courses are scheduled between 8:00am and 6:00pm and clinicals may include nights and weekends, making it difficult to maintain a outside work schedule.

With the 16-month program it might be possible to undertake a part-time job with a very flexible schedule, such as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) work.

"I heard your program is 'lock-step.' What does that mean?"

A 'lock-step' program requires all students to complete a set curriculum in a specified sequence. This also requires that students successfully complete each course in order to progress. Because of this, programs cannot be completed in less time than outlined.

Progression Plans:


"Where do you do clinical?"

We have clinical partnerships with all major area hospitals, and will rotate you through as many of these facilities as possible.

Some of our partners have included:

  • Baptist Health*
  • Ascension St. Vincent's
  • Wolfson Children's Hospital
  • UF Health
  • Mayo Clinic*

*These 12-month ABSN programs is partnered exclusively with Baptist Health and Mayo Clinic, respectively.

"What is the clinical schedule?"

Clinical days are typically a 12-hour shift, 6:30am to 6:30pm. For some courses, this schedule may vary depending on site availability and course requirements.

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