Frequently Asked Questions


For a comprehensive review of admissions process and criteria, please visit our Overview of Entry into the Nursing Program.

What are the application deadlines for the Jacksonville University, Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences, Keigwin School of Nursing?
  • The 2nd degree program has a deadline of January 15th of each year.
  • The Traditional/Transfer BSN program has 2 deadlines each year: April 1st to begin in the fall semester, and September 1st to begin in the spring semester.
  • All Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program (MECP)/Seaman to Admiral (STA-21) applicants must have a nursing application submitted no later than April 1st of the year you submit your package to be considered for the subsequent academic year.
Can someone look at my transcripts to let me know if I meet all of the academic criteria?

Yes, the Jacksonville University, Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences, Keigwin School of Nursing can review your transcripts to determine your prerequisite GPA’s.  We will also let you know if your prerequisite courses are considered equivalent to ours, and if you have any outstanding requirements.

Where do I apply to the Keigwin School of Nursing?

There is now only one application required to be considered for the School of nursing BSN programs. You will complete the online university application found on our website. Please select that you are applying to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program if you are ready to begin nursing courses for the term you are applying to.

The online application is located here.

Do we need recommendations as part of our nursing application?

Yes. Three recommendations are required for your nursing application; we ask that two of the recommendations be professional references and one be a personal reference.

  • A professional reference can be anyone who knows you in a professional capacity. Examples include a supervisor, co-worker, volunteer coordinator or colleague, a professor, or advisor.

  • A personal reference can be anyone who knows you in a personal capacity with the exception of an immediate family member (no parents or spouses).

Is there a specific recommendation form, or can we use a letter?

We do have specific recommendation forms that you can use if you need. Otherwise recommendations will be sent from our application portal to your references via email, and they can type the recommendation and email it back to us.

How does the Keigwin School of Nursing Application process work?

You must submit a completed application by the respective application deadline. As part of your application you must send official transcripts for all schools you have attended, and 3 completed recommendations.

Once your application is received, it is reviewed based on your academics and recommendations. If you meet the criteria to be offered an interview, you will be contacted via email to schedule this interview shortly following the application deadline for the term you applied for.

The interview will be conducted either on campus or via skype depending on your location, and once your interview is completed, you will be asked to write a short essay on an assigned topic given to you at the conclusion of your interview.

Do I need to submit transcripts with my nursing application?

Yes, you will need to submit all official college transcripts with your application to JU from every college or university you have attended. If all transcripts are not received by our application deadline, your application will not be considered for admission.

Is there an entrance test?

There are no entrance exams required to apply or be admitted to the BSN program.

How does the essay work, and what are the essay questions?

The essay is administered at the conclusion of the on campus interview for all applicants who make it to the interview round. The essay question is a free response topic, it does not need to be answered in formal 5 paragraph essay format. The answer provided should fully answer the question that is asked and demonstrate appropriate spelling and grammar.

What can I expect from the interview? How should I prepare for it?

Nursing applicant interviews are conducted by Jacksonville University Keigwin School of Nursing faculty in a group interview setting. Please expect the interview and essay process to last approximately 90 minutes.

Please be prepared to discuss yourself, experiences, and goals as asked during the interview.

How many applicants are accepted?

The number of applicants accepted each semester varies.

How much does the nursing program cost?

Learn about Tuition & Costs through the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

All undergraduate Nursing students are considered traditional for tuition purposes.

Additional materials are required for the nursing program in the first semester. Please refer to this document.


Is there a time limit on prerequisite courses?

There is no time limit or expiration on prerequisite courses as long as they have been completed with a grade of ‘C’ or higher and are equivalent to the required prerequisite at Jacksonville University. You are responsible for having a mastery of the content taught in these courses, so you are responsible for being proficient in this content coming into the nursing program.

Can the prerequisite be completed online?

Yes, you can complete prerequisite courses online. Prerequisite courses can be completed at any regionally accredited college or University and will transfer to Jacksonville University to satisfy our prerequisites as long as the course is determined to be equivalent to the prerequisite at Jacksonville University and you earn a grade of ‘C’ or higher.

Do all the prerequisites have to be finished in order for me to apply?

No. You can still be in progress with prerequisite courses while you are applying to the Jacksonville University Keigwin School of Nursing, but all prerequisites must be completed by your start date in the nursing program with a grade of ‘C’ or higher or you will not be permitted to begin even if you are admitted.

What if I earned a grade of “C” in a prerequisite course?

A grade of ‘C’ in a prerequisite course is sufficient, and will not need to be repeated. If you earn a grade of ‘C" or below, you will be required to repeat the course. Courses can only be repeated once. A maximum of two prerequisite courses may be repeated.


What is the class schedule like?

All tracks of our pre-licensure BSN program are considered full time. Days and times will vary by course and semester. 

Where do you do clinical?

Clinical participation is required to successfully complete the BSN program at JU. We have clinical partnerships with all major area hospitals, and will rotate you through as many of these facilities as possible.

What is the clinical schedule?

Clinical days are typically a 12-hour shift of 6:30am-6:30pm, but for some courses this schedule may vary this depending on site availability and course requirements.