Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarly Projects

The JU Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a dynamic and comprehensive terminal degree program that prepares nurses for leadership positions in multiple domains of healthcare. Students are prepared in medicine, economics, informatics, education, and policy to ensure the safety and quality of healthcare. 

Scholarly Projects from 2022

Hourly Rounding Quality Improvement Initiative, Chelsea Marie Brouillet

Integrating a Team Approach to Increase Sepsis Core Measure Bundle Adherence and Time from Patient Emergency Department Entry to Completion, Sean P. Lynch

The Effectiveness of Intimate Partner Violence Screening Intervention in Primary Care An Evidence Based Practice Project, Jamie Chapman

Improving Perinatal National Provision of Care Standards Using Policy Analysis, Lauren Holloway

Improving Practice Readiness Among Nurse Residents Using Virtual Simulation, James D. Brown

Scholarly Projects from 2021

A Quality Improvement Project to Assess Anxiety of Family Members who Receive Standard Communication During the Intraoperative Period, Ashlie E. Sinclair

An Evaluation of Timing of Discharge Instruction and the Impact on Patient Satisfaction, Donald L. Tanner

Body Image Distress and Post Mastectomy Women, Ashely Ceithaml

Chlorhexidine Gluconate Bath Project: A Program Evaluation, Yavesh Crawford

Educational Intervention to Enhance Staff Knowledge and Increase Awareness Regarding Risk Assessment and Personal Protective Equipment Selection to Reduce Blood and Body Fluid Exposures, Teresa Smoot

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Patient-Centered Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program, Sharie Blythe

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Increased Screening for Non-Accidental Trauma in the Emergency Department, Stephanie Dorsey

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Increased Screening for Non-Accidental Trauma in the Pediatric Emergency Department and Trauma Center, Wendy H. Jackson

Evaluation and implementation of a sustainable and effective evidence base handoff communication tool for a pre-licensure nursing medical surgical course use: A program implementation guide for faculty, Peierrela Gerdes

Hypoglycemia Management in the Inpatient Setting: Protocol Education for the Registered Nurse, Sarah Firmin

Implementation of the Asthma Control Test and Asthma Action Plan in Pediatric Primary Care to Improve Patient Outcomes, Amber Santos

Improving Implementation of Prenatal Programs amongst High-Risk Population through Policy Analysis and Advocacy, Chelsea Fore

Improving Maternal Outcomes in African-American Women: A Task Force Policy Initiative, Nadine Ellis

Improving Nursing Knowledge of Post Intensive Care Syndrome and Determining the Effect on Post-Liver Transplant Patients, Mariah Rose

Improving Patient Satisfaction Scores by Optimizing Nurse/Patient Communication, Lisa Caplan

Leveraging Shared Governance to Improve Clinical Nurse Engagement with Quality Initiatives, Maureen Williams

Nursing Educational Intervention to Alter Pain Perception and Improve Satisfaction with Pain Treatment after Elective Surgery, Jennifer L Willison

Nursing Emergency Support Team for COVID-19: A Formative Program Evaluation, Lisa M. Heath

The Effectiveness of a Decision-Making Tool Intervention on Physical Restraint Use Among Adult Patients on a Progressive Care Unit, Shannon Gaetjens

The Effectiveness of the Sexual Assault Simulation Course for Health Care Providers (SASH) in a Rural Emergency Room, Leanne Dye

Scholarly Projects from 2020

Developing and Implementing a Bedside Tablet Application Training Program, Veronica Lacambra

Quality Improvement Initiative: The Impact of a Mindfulness Intervention on Healthcare Work Environment and Patient Outcomes, Bianca McKean