Running Biomechanics Laboratory

The Jacksonville University Running Laboratory was established on the JU campus in 2015.  In 2017, we established a second "field" laboratory that is located at 1st Place Sports, one of the nation's top running stores.



JU Running Laboratory on Campus

Running LabLocated on the 2nd floor of the Brooks Rehabilitation  College of Healthcare Science Main Building.  This laboratory is used for teaching both undergraduate and graduate students and for research data collection, mainly of Jacksonville University athletes.

The campus laboratory uses treadmill running at a "training pace" and "half-marathon pace" with six (6) Vicon cameras mounted posterior.

Running Lab Cameras







1st Place Sports Running Laboratory


Recent Buzz TV interview with Dr. Jeff Wight, Director of the JU Running Laboratory at 1st Place Sports

The 1st Place Sports Running Laboratory is a JU “field” laboratory that is located at the Jacksonville Beach store. This laboratory is the product of an exciting collaboration among JU Kinesiology, 1st Place Sports, and the Jacksonville Track Club (JTC Running). 


  • Education - Use the laboratory as a platform to educate, train, and fund students.
  • Conduct research -  JU has collaborated with the University of Calgary Running Injury Clinic (a world leader) to develop the 1st Place Sports Running Laboratory and a running biomechanics research agenda.
  • Offer Scientific Analyses for Jacksonville runners - Provide inexpensive state-of-the-art biomechanical and VO2/Running Economy analyses for runners.

1) 1st Place Sports

  • provides laboratory space and funds graduate student for the laboratory
  • Jacksonville’s running headquarters
  • One of the top running stores in the nation
  • Been serving Northeast Florida running community for over 35 years

2) Jacksonville Track Club Running

  • funds graduate student for the laboratory
  • Northeast Florida’s preeminent promotor of healthy lifestyles through running, fitness, and fellowship
  • Founded in 1975
  • Creator and operator of the Gate River Run

University of Calgary Collaboration

We developed our laboratories under the adviseent of Dr. Reed Ferber and the University of Calgary Running Injury Clinic.  We are proud to work closely with the Running Injury Clinic:

Running Injury Clinic logoDr. Reed Ferber

The Running Injury Clinic has developed software, marker sets, and camera arrangements that make it possible to collect three dimensional data in a small laboratory/clinical space. The cameras are mounted on the wall posterior to the treadmill.

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