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BRCHS Skills Lab

The Jacksonville University, Keigwin School of Nursing, Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences Skills Laboratory is dedicated to providing a positive and student-centered learning environment. A simulated clinical setting, the Skills Lab is managed by a team experts who are passionate about equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to be competent and confident in the professional healthcare environment. The Skills Lab collaborates with multiple healthcare science disciplines including undergraduate nursing, graduate nursing, speech therapy, and occupational therapy to optimize student outcomes by utilizing innovative approaches to experiential learning. The goal of the Skills Lab is to assist students in advancing their clinical skills and reaching their highest potential while enjoying the process of learning.

Summer/Fall 2022 Lab Request Form

Standardized Patient Request Form

Standardized Patient Cue Card Template


The Skills Lab provides patient care by allowing students to utilize:
  • 19 bed units
  • 7 exam tables
  • Pelvic models for Indwelling Foley Catheterization
  • IV Arm with blood return
  • Wound Care
  • Central Dressing changes
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Nasogastric tube (NG tube) feeding
  • Medication Carts for Adult Pharmacology
  • Blood Pressure/Vital Signs 

Learning the fundamental nursing skills begins the scaffolding process of incorporation of curricular based simulation that is incorporated throughout the undergraduate program. The Skills Lab is set up with 16 simulators, ranging from non-electronic to low fidelity for students to practice inpatient care of the adult. Students start with practicing patient care in the skills lab as sophomores in the program and progress from taking vital signs and performing assessments to hygiene and safe transfer of patients to answering the call bell of a patient without prior report. The Skills lab faculty and staff are dedicated to maintaining a positive learning environment with a focus on teaching students to provide safe and quality care to the adult patient population.

Clinical Skills Lab Faculty & Staff

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