Faculty Leadership

College of Arts & Sciences

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

            Dr. Chris Corbo

Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

            Dr. Laura Atkins

School of Sciences & Mathematics

Director, Sciences & Mathematics

            Dr. Kara Conway

Director, Millar Wilson Lab

            Dr. Gretchen Bielmyer-Fraser

Department Chair, Biology & Marine Science

           Dr. William Penwell

Department Chair, Chemistry & Physics

            Dr. Peter Zhao

Department Chair, Mathematics

            Dr. Daniel Franz

Executive Director, Marine Science Research Institute

   Dr. Bryan Franks

School of Social Sciences & Education

Director, Social Sciences & Education

Dr. Ray Oldakowski

Department Chair, Sustainability, Geography, & Environmental Planning

           Dr.  Ashley Johnson

Department Chair, History

           Dr. Jesse Hingson

Department Chair, Economics

Dr. Carol Dole

Department Chair, Political Science

Dr. Nevena Trajkov

Department Chair, Psychology

           Dr. Amanda McGraw

Department Chair, Sociology

           Professor Shelley Grant

Founding Director, Public Policy Institute

           Richard A. Mullaney, Esq

Department Chair, Education

           Dr. Steven Davis

College of Law

Dean, College of Law

        Nicholas W. Allard, Esq.

Vice Dean, College of Law

        Margaret Dees, Esq.

Associate Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs

        Dr. Courtney Barclay, Esq.

Assistant Dean of Student Development and Practice

        Kathleen Griggs, Esq.

Associate Dean of Academic Success & Bar Prep

Professor Lauren Knight

Associate Dean, Student Affairs

Tom Taggart

Davis College of Business & Technology

Dean, Davis College of Business & Technology

           Dr. Barbara Ritter

Associate Dean, Davis College of Business & Technology

           Dr. Caitlin Sockbeson

Interim Assistant Dean, Student Success & Innovation  

           Dr. Mini Zeng

School of Business

Department Chair, Accounting, Finance, & DSIM

            Dr. Robert Boylan

Department Chair, Management, Marketing, Communication, Sport Business, International Business, Business Administration

            Dr. John Shaw 

School of Aviation and Military Sciences

Director, Aeronautics

           Capt. Mathew Tuohy

Associate Director, Aeronautics

Professor Christine Hughes

Commanding Officer, NROTC

           Capt. J.R. Hill

School of Engineering & Technology

Director, Engineering & Technology

            Dr. Emre Selvi

Director of the Center for Cybersecurity

Dr. Mini Zeng

Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts & Humanities

Dean, Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts & Humanities

            Dr. Timothy Snyder

Associate Dean, Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts & Humanities

            Professor Dana Tupa

School of Art and Design

Department Chair, Media Arts

   Professor Alex Willemin

Department Chair, Visual Arts

           Professor Tiffany Leach

School of Humanities

Chair, School of Humanities

           Dr. Scott Kimbrough

Department Chair, Literature, Language, & Culture

           Dr. Sarah Parker

Department Chair, Philosophy

           Dr. Erich Freiberger

School of Performing Arts

Department Chair, Dance

           Professor Brian Palmer

Department Chair, Music

           Professor Kimberly Beasley

Department Chair, Theatre Arts

           Dr. Erik DeCicco                                          

Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences

Dean, Brooks College of Healthcare Sciences; Director, Lazzara Nursing Clinical Skills Lab 

            Dr. Mark Tillman

Keigwin School of Nursing

Associate Dean, Keigwin School of Nursing

            Dr. Lindsay Wolf

Director, Undergraduate Nursing Programs

           Dr. Virginia Strong

Interim Director, Graduate Nursing Programs

Director of Accreditation, Evaluation & Analytics

           Dr. Melissa McRae

Director of Innovation and Immersive Learning

Dr. Amber Santos

Assistant Director of Immersive Learning

Dr. Dawn Onstott

Assistant Director of the Baptist 12m ABSN

Dr. Amber Mason

Director, STAR and SKILLS lab

Director, Healthcare Simulation Center

Professor Amme Jones

School of Applied Health Sciences

Associate Dean, School of Applied Health Sciences

            Dr. Whitney George

Department Chair, Communication Sciences and Disorders

           Dr. Kristin Izaryk

Program Director, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Dr. Wyndi Capeci

Director, Comprehensive Oral Implantology Program

Dr. James Rutkowski

Department Chair, Exercise Science

            Dr. Jeffrey Wight

Department Chair, Clinical Mental Health Counseling​

           Dr. LaTonya Summers

Program Director, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Dr. Ne'Shaun Borden

Department Chair, Occupational Therapy

           Dr. Jacqueline Walter

Program Director, Occupational Therapy

Dr. Megan Bewernitz

Program Director, Respiratory Care

Professor Vickie Bell

Program Director, Physical Therapy

Dr. Tobi Baldwin

School of Orthodontics

Director, School of Orthodontics

             Dr. Eman Othman


Director, Library

            Ms. Casanna Jackson

Other Directors & Leaders

Directors, Marilyn Repsher Center for Teaching & Learning​

           Dr. Colleen Wilson

Dr. Sandra Brown

Executive Director of University Honors and Scholars Programs

Dr. Lisa Sutherland

Director, University Honors Program

          Dr. Sarah Murphy

Associate Director, University Honors Program 

           Dr. Erik DeCicco

Director, Undergraduate Research

  Dr. Gretchen Bielmyer-Fraser

Director, Service Learning

           Professor Shelley Grant

Director, Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Dr. Whitney George

Executive Director, Global Teaching and Learning

           Dr. Annmarie Kent-Willette

Provost QEP Fellow for Assessment

Professor Kimberly Beasley

Faculty Director of QEP for Academic Programming

Dr. Laura Atkins

Director, Center for Gender + Sexuality

Dr. Sarah Parker

Director, STEAM Institute

Professor Bill Hill

Director, Academic Technology

Dee Thornton

Executive Director, Study Abroad & Away

Ginny Garzon

Assistant Director, Study Abroad & Away

Christina Williams

Director, Institutional Research & Academic Financial Analytics

Courtney Berwick

SACSCOC Liaison, Director of Accreditation & Assessment

Katelyn Neswiacheny

Director, Quality Enhancement Plan 

Dr. Idris Mayo

Faculty Executive Committee

Chair of the Faculty

            Dr. Nisse Goldberg

Vice-Chair of the Faculty

            Professor Alex Willemin

Secretary of the Faculty

            Dr. Kristen Izaryk