Faculty Leadership


Interim Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

             Dr. Sandra Coyle

Cuba Scholar in Residence

             Ms. Vanessa Harper

Humanities Division

Division Chair, Humanities

             Dr. Scott Kimbrough

Department Coordinator, Communications

             Professor Dennis K. Stouse

Department Chair, English

             Dr. Julie Brannon

Department Coordinator, Humanities

             Dr. Carole C. Barnett

Department Coordinator, Philosophy & Religion

             Dr. Eric Freiberger

Department Coordinator, World Languages

             Dr. Tamara Caudill

Naval Science

Commanding Officer

             Capt. Glenn Leverette

Executive Officer

             Cdr. Erik Bickle

Science & Mathematics Division

Division Chair, Science & Mathematics

             Dr. Brian Lane

Director, Millar Wilson Lab

             Dr. Lucinda Sonnenberg

Department Chair, Biology & Marine Science

             Dr. Nisse Goldberg

Department Chair, Chemistry

             Dr. Joseph Cradlebaugh

Department Chair, Computing Science              

             Professor Anne Acker

Department Chair, Engineering

             Dr. Huihui (Helen) Wang
Department Chair, Mathematics

             Dr. Pamela Crawford

Department Chair, Physics

             Dr. Brian Lane

Executive Director, Marine Science Institute

Dr. Quinton White

Social Sciences Division

Division Chair, Social Sciences

              Dr. Jesse Hingson

Department Coordinator, Geography

              Dr. Ray Oldakowski

Department Coordinator, History

              Dr. Jesse Hingson

Department Coordinator, Political Science

              Dr. Austin Trantham

Department Coordinator, Psychology

              Dr. Christi Bamford

Department Coordinator, Sociology

              Ms. Shelley Grant

Founding Director, Public Policy Institute

              Richard A. Mullaney, Esquire

School of Education

Department Chair, School of Education

             Dr. Colleen Wilson

Director, Leadership Program

             Dr. Stephanie James



Dean, Davis College of Business

             Dr. Don Capener

Associate Dean, Director of Graduate Programs

             Dr. Douglas Johansen

Accounting, General Business, Economics, and Finance Division

Department Chair, Sport Business; duPont Chair of Sport Business

             Dr. Carol Dole

B.J. Walker Wells Fargo Endowed Chair of Finance

             Dr. Richard Cebula

Guy Botts Chair of Finance

             Dr. Robert Boylan

Thomas R. McGehee Chair of Accounting

             Dr. Robert Houmes

Hugh Culverhouse Endowed Chair of Business

             Dr. Hassan Pordeli

Marketing, Management, International Business, and Decision Sciences & Information Management Division

Department Chair, Marketing & International Business

            Dr. George Gresham

Department Chair, Management and DSIM; Director of Online Programs

            Dr. Angela Mattia

School of Aviation

Director, Aeronautics

           Capt. Mathew Tuohy



Interim Dean, College of Fine Arts

           Dr. Timothy Snyder

Division of Art and Art History

Division Chair, Visual Arts

           Professor Dana Tupa

Director, Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Visual Arts

           Ms. Tiffany Leach

Foundations Coordinator

           Ms. Lily Kuonen

Division of Music

Division Chair, Music

           Dr. Timothy Snyder

Director, Vocal Studies

           Ms. Kimberly Beasley                                                                                                       

Division of Dance & Theatre

Division Chair, Dance & Theatre

           Professor Brian Palmer

Director, Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Choreography Program

           Professor Cari Coble


Interim Dean, Brooks College of Healthcare Sciences

             Dr. Cheryl Bergman

Keigwin School of Nursing

Director, Lazzara Nursing Clinical Skills Lab

             Anthony Fisher, MSN, RN

Director, Simulation Training and Applied Research (STAR)

            Dr. Kathleen Kavanagh

Director, Undergraduate Nursing Programs, Keigwin School of Nursing

            Dr. Jessica Shearer

Director, Graduate Nursing Programs, Keigwin School of Nursing

            Dr. Hilary Morgan

School of Applied Health Sciences

Associate Dean, Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences

            Dr. Heather Hausenblas

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Department Chair, Communication Sciences and Disorders

            Dr. Judith Wingate

Health Informatics

Department Chair, Health Informatics

             Dr. Brandy V. Gustavus


Interim Department Chair, Kinesiology

             Dr. Roberta Christopher

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Department Chair, Clinical Mental Health Counseling​

             Dr. Whitney George

Occupational Therapy

Department Chair, Occupational Therapy

             Dr. Michael Justiss

School of Orthodontics

Chair, School of Orthodontics

             Dr. Oscar Olavarria

Program Director, Orthodontics

             Dr. James Trouten


Director, Library

             Ms. Jessica Collogan


Director, Marilyn Repsher Center for Teaching & Learning​

            Dr. Annmarie Kent-Willette

Co-Director, Undergraduate Research  and Faculty Advisor and Technical Specialist for University Honors & Scholars Programs 

            Dr. Daniel Moseley

Co-Director, Undergraduate Research

   Dr. Gretchen Bielmyer-Fraser

Director, Service Learning

            Dr. Laura Atkins

Executive Director, Nathan M. Bisk Center for Professional Studies  

            Dr. Teresa MacGregor

Assistant Director, Nathan M. Bisk Center for Professional Studies

    Dr. Wayne Mier

Faculty Executive Committee

Chair of the Faculty

            Dr. Mary Gipson

Vice-Chair of the Faculty

            Dr. Nisse Goldberg

Secretary of the Faculty

            Dr. Natasha Vanderhoff