Searches for Full-Time Faculty

First, familiarize yourself with this document: Faculty Search Procedures: Procedures to aid in faculty searches.

Filling A Vacancy

When the division chair or unit administrator, in consultation with the dean, determine a vacancy in a department exists, the chair shall, with the dean and Provosts approval, appoint a search committee.

Prior to the search, the rank and salary range of the position shall be recommended to the Provost by the appropriate dean. The Provost shall inform the division chair or unit administrator of the salary range.

The division chair then submits a completed Office of People & Culture Action Form to the dean who signs it and forwards it to Academic Affairs. A search can not begin until this form is complete and has been approved by both the Provost and Financial Affairs.

Advertising for a Search

Once a search has been authorized, the Office of Academic Affairs will place a job posting on upon request. Office of People & Culture will post the position on the JU "Employment Opportunities" web page. If the department wants the job to be posted on a specific journal site, that department is responsible for posting the position and paying for it.

All required documentation to hire full-time faculty must be submitted to Academic Affairs before a contract letter is created. Background checks must come back clear. A list of required documents is available under Faculty Information.