Faculty Awards for Excellence


Nominations run from the first Monday in November through the last Friday in January.

Faculty, staff, administrators, and students are invited to nominate full time faculty members* for a faculty award for excellence in these categories:

  • Teaching
  • Scholarship and Professional Activities
  • University Service
  • Community Service

Submitting a Nomination:

Please include in your nomination:

  • Name of the person that you are nominating
  • Category for which they are being nominated
  • Your name and contact information (i.e., email address and cell phone number).

For additional information, download the Faculty Excellence Guidelines. 

Guidelines for Nominees:

Nominees must submit a portfolio of supporting materials via Interfolio to accept their nomination. This portfolio is due digitally by February 15. 


  • Eligibility for this award begins in the 3rd year of full-time teaching for any faculty member at JU.

Required Materials:

  • Cover Letter 
  • Philosophy Statement
  • Resume/CV
  • Course evaluations (all from the last three years)

Additional Materials:

  • These items document your excellence in areas not explicitly requested above, and/or support comments you have made within your above materials.  Example materials may include: letters of support, artifacts from innovative practices (such as project handouts, pictures of the process or outcomes, etc.), and/or examples of other important professional work that is relevant to your teaching/research/service.
  • Support materials are limited to 10 pages.

For additional information, download the Faculty Excellence Guidelines.

The Selection Process:

  • Selection will be made by committee by category (i.e., one committee for each category); each committee is composed of faculty, staff, and students.
  • One award maximum per faculty member per year
  • No faculty member can win in a particular category more than once in a five-year period.
  • The award recipient from the previous year will be asked to serve as chair for the next year’s committee.
  • The Appointments Committee will provide Academic Affairs & the chair with names of faculty members serving.
  • The committee consists of 1 chair and 5 faculty, preferably representing different areas.
  • The committee work is confidential.  Committee members may not discuss their work with outsiders, and are not allowed to congratulate their winner until it is formally announced at the faculty recognition dinner.

Award Process:

Award recipients for each category will be announced at the Faculty Recognition Event. Winners receive a cash award of $500.

*Full-time Administrators, Adjunct, and Part-Time faculty are not eligible.