Academic Integrity

At Jacksonville University, students are expected to do their own work and complete their assignments honestly. This helps to maintain the value of JU’s degrees and the quality of JU’s graduates. At the same time, JU’s faculty recognizes that “to err is human,” and that some students make bad decisions due to ignorance. JU’s Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy consequently balances accountability with education, holding students responsible for their actions while also providing opportunities for students to learn and grow from their mistakes.

Academic Integrity & Misconduct Policy

It is extremely important for instructors to report academic misconduct! Learn more about the options students have when instructors fail to report.

What if a student thinks the instructor’s penalty for academic misconduct is unfair? Students can challenge a course-level penalty that has been imposed for academic misconduct. Learn more about the Grade Appeals Process.

Please direct any questions to the chair of the Academic Integrity Council at