Writing Center

Due to the current pandemic, the Writing Center will be making a few changes. Firstly, we have expanded our coverage for electronic submissions, so if you would rather not visit the center in person, you can email your paper and a copy of the assignment instructions to WCenter@ju.edu (see the online submissions link as well). We will still be open for face-to-face appointments as well, though on a more limited basis. If you are planning on coming by for a tutorial, remember to bring your mask, as masks are mandatory. We will also be observing social distancing, so if your work is on an electronic device, bring it so that you and the tutor can view your work on separate devices simultaneously. If not, we do have PCs available for your use here in the Center. Let’s be safe, and get back to work together!

The Writing Center provides peer tutoring for any assignment that includes a written component. While most often we deal with essays, we also can help with reports, literature reviews, group projects, etc. from any discipline. If you must write, we can help! Though the majority of our sessions deal with drafts that have already been completed, you are welcome to stop by at any point in the writing process, and to visit early and often. We can help you get started, locate sources, establish a clear thesis, integrate research, cite your sources, create a works cited… anything at all that is related to the writing process.

Tutorials can be scheduled in advance online, by stopping by the center, or by calling during our open hours. Walk-ins are accepted, but students with scheduled appointments are always given priority. When you arrive for your tutorial, please bring whatever writing you have accomplished thus far along with information regarding the assignment (an assignment sheet, an email or announcement, the text from Blackboard or the syllabus, etc.).

In addition to the individual sessions, the Writing Center supports writing across the University curriculum and hopes to offer the following resources (based on tutor scheduling and availability):

  • Classroom presentations on topics such as thesis validity, revision strategies, peer review, essay organization, etc.
  • Computer use for research
  • Writing Mentors: Tutors are available to work with classes during writing workshops and conferences (dependent upon scheduling

Schedule an Appointment

  • Office location  Council 105
  • Telephone number  (904) 256-7353
  • Email address  wcenter@ju.edu

Contact Us

For additional information, contact our Director:

  • Contact person  Prof. Ed McCourt
  • Office location  Council 105
  • Telephone number  (904) 256-7106
  • Email address  emccour@ju.edu