Writing Center

The JU Writing Center was established with one goal in mind: to help our students become better writers. We strive to create a friendly, informal environment and encourage students to visit the Center at any point during the writing process.

While students are encouraged to visit early and often, the majority of tutorial sessions will occur once a student has composed an initial draft. T​he focus of these tutorials will vary depending on the student but for the most part, Writing Center tutors try to focus on macro issues like organization, tone, development and substantiation of thesis, structure, and depth of analysis before spending time on micro, sentence-level concerns. This stems from our belief that writing is thinking and that clear thought engenders clarity of prose.

The staff at the Writing Center prefers call-ahead tutorials, several hours to a day before the proposed tutorial time. We also accept advanced appointments as well as walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis. Be sure not to come empty handed: if you need help researching or interpreting an assignment, bring a copy of the assignment sheet. If you need help with your initial draft, bring an assignment sheet and an outline or first page. If you want to review your a later draft… well, you get the picture!

In addition to the individual sessions, the Writing Center supports writing across the University curriculum and hopes to offer the following resources (based on tutor scheduling and availability):

  • Classroom presentations on topics such as thesis validity, revision strategies, peer review, essay organization, etc.
  • Computer use for research
  • Writing Mentors: Tutors are available to work with classes during writing workshops and conferences (dependent upon scheduling)
  • The Writing Center is here for you and we want you to succeed... never be afraid to ask for help!

Schedule an Appointment

  • Office location  Council 105
  • Telephone number  (904) 256-7353
  • Email address  wcenter@ju.edu

Contact Us

For additional information, contact our Director:

  • Contact person  Prof. Ed McCourt
  • Office location  Council 105
  • Telephone number  (904) 256-7106
  • Email address  emccour@ju.edu