What to Bring

  1. The Assignment: It is important that our writing tutors understand what you are working on, so no matter where you are in the writing process, please be sure to bring a copy of the assignment you are working on to the Center.
  2. Hard copy of a draft: The tutor will want to read through your work to see what you have accomplished thus far and where he/she can best offer assistance.
  3. Electronic copy: It can be helpful to have an electronic copy of your assignment on hand, either in your email account, H:\ Drive, or a thumb drive.
  4. Grade/Feedback: If your instructor has already responded to the essay (or other written assignment), be sure to bring the corrected version and/or the instructor's comments with you. This will enable the tutor to focus on areas of concern more efficiently.
  5. Your laptop: Although we have a couple of computers in the Writing Center, it might be helpful if you normally work on a laptop to bring that with you to your appointment.

The more you are able to bring to the session, the more detailed the feedback our tutors will be able to offer you. Most sessions last between twenty and thirty minutes, and this time will be best spent if you are prepared to work with a tutor right away. Remember, though, even if you are just beginning, we welcome your visits and will strive to help get your essay underway!