Faculty Partnership

Although some of our students come to us because they think they need help with their writing, most come because they are referred to us by an instructor. Here is what you can expect from the Writing Center:

  • Our writing consultants are drawn from a variety of majors and hence may not specialize in the discipline of the student they are working with. They are trained in writing consultation, and will hence focus on the style, mechanics, organization, and integrated research of the essay (without focusing on content, except as it relates to the essay's structure).
  • Writing Consultants will send instructor feedback forms out via email.
  • Students who come to the Writing Center multiple times do not always see the same consultant. The Center does, however, keep a daily log of student sign-ins and can refer back to previous email receipts.
  • Writing Consultants are willing to fill out any individual form you may send with the student and/or sign essays to certify they have been reviewed.
  • Hours for the Writing Center are posted on this website and on the Writing Center door. Although the Writing Center strives to maintain an accurate schedule, occasional difficulties arise. If the Writing Center must close unexpectedly, students with a scheduled appointment will be contacted for a rescheduled appointment.
  • If you are a distance learning instructor or student, essays can be forwarded to wcenter@ju.edu. Feedback will be provided by a tutor during center downtime. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.