About the Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center provides academic support services to all JU undergraduate students. We are here to serve you and do everything possible to ensure that you are successful throughout your education here at Jacksonville University. 

Meet with any one of our highly-trained, faculty-referred, peer tutors who can help you broaden your understanding of class material, decipher difficult problems and projects while also offering learning strategy development, test preparation skills, and anything you may need to improve your academic success. Make on-going appointments for the whole semester or just a one-time appointment for some clarification.

Academic Support Center's Vision:

Provide learning support through thoughtful, current resources that encourages students to be confident, independent learners.

Academic Support Center's Mission:

The Academic Support Center promotes independent learning and self-efficacy by helping JU undergraduates develop strategies and resources that foster academic confidence and metacognitive development in order to support student success and retention.

Academic Support Center's Core Values:

We accomplish our mission in a culture of excellence, characterized by the integrity, diversity, and collegiality of the exceptional peer and professional staff, and by fostering leadership, academic confidence, and self-efficacy in the students with and for whom we serve. We value:

Collegiality:   Reflected in a variety of cross-campus collaborations and in the co-learning between
                        tutors and their peers.

Diversity:       Reflected in our encouragement of tutors’ diverse thinking and learning and in the
                        employment of a tutoring staff with varied demographics and backgrounds.

Excellence:    Reflected in the academic standing of the tutors, in the quality of our tutor training
                        program, and in the efficacy of our services.

Integrity:        Reflected in the honesty, reliability, and accountability of the peer and professional staff.

Leadership:   Reflected in the professionalism, vision, autonomy, and teamwork of all tutors as student
                        leaders, and in the guidance provided by professional staff.

ASC Tutoring Policies

Tutoring Limits

In order ensure fairness and that tutoring is avaialble to as many students as possible, the ASC has the following limits placed on tutoring for each semester.

  • Students are allowed to schedule no more than 3 tutoring appointments in a one-week period, Monday through Friday.
    • Note: If the student is registered with the Office of Disability Support Services, this limit can be lifted, if necessary.
  • Students are allowed to schedule up to 1 weekly, recurring tutoring appointment for each course. 
  • Students are not allowed to schedule a tutoring session beyond 2 weeks.
  • Students are allowed to schedule up to 3 appointments for a single course in a week (the 3-appointment limit will trump all other limits).
  • Students cannot schedule back-to-back appointments with the same tutor for the same course. 
  • If a student is more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled appointment, in-person at the center, or virtual, the student will have to schedule a new appointment. No exceptions.

Tutoring Appointments

  • Tutoring sessions last up to 50 minutes. Students should arrive on time for their sessions so they can make the most of their time with the tutor. 
  • If a student is more than 15 minutes late for their session, they may forfeit the appointment in the event that another student is on the waitlist for the same course. 
  • Students MUST have course syllabus and questions to ask ready before the session.

Tutoring and Academic Integrity

Please note that all students involved in a tutoring session (both the tutor and the tutee) are expected to abide by all policies outlined in the Jacksonville University Academic Integrity & Misconduct Policy, as well as the Green Pages Code of Conduct. Any behavior that violates these policies may result in no longer being able to utilize tutoring at the Academic Support Center. In particular, any student who offers to pay an ASC tutor to complete an assignment, test, and/or course for that student, will prohibited from attending tutoring sessions for the remainder of that semester, and possibly the entire academic year.  


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