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Schedule a Tutoring Appointment

Students can now schedule an appointment online. Once we open for tutoring on August 24th, students will have three ways to schedule an appointment:

  • Stop by the ASC (Swisher Library 3rd Floor)
  • Call the ASC at 904-256-7123
  • Schedule online

Scheduling Online

If you choose to schedule your own appointment online, look for "Tutoring Appointments" on MyJU in the Applications section (this will only work for JU students). Once you are redirected to TutorTrac, please follow the below instructions to schedule an appointment:

  1. Click on Search Availability.
  2. Click on the Center drop-down menu.
  3. Choose a Center for your appointment:
    • ASC Virtual -- If you want a VIRTUAL tutoring appointment.
    • ASC In-Person -- If you want an IN-PERSON tutoring appointment in the ASC.*
    • Writing Center -- If you want an appointment in the Writing Center.
  4. Select a Section (Course).
  5. Click Search.
  6. Select a date and time that works best for you.
    • You will need to decide if you want to prioritize being in person in the Center for your session or being virtual. You can prioritize the time (regardless of modality) and choose the time that best suits you. You may need to toggle between the two centers and available times to make the best decision for yourself based on what's available.
  7. Click on the arrow near Reason.
  8. Select Tutoring.
  9. Input the best phone number to contact you at (required).
  10. Click Save.
  11. When you see New appointment record saved in the top, left corner, you can click the X in the top, right corner.

NOTE: Only courses you are registered for and ones for which we have a tutor will show up in the scheduling program. If you want a tutor in a course that doesn't pop up, please contact us & we will try our best to find someone to help you.

*There are only 4 in-person appointments available at a time. Space is limited so plan ahead if you prefer to have your tutoring session in person in the ASC. See below for more information about the types of tutoring available this semester. 

Types of Tutoring Appointments 

In-Person Tutoring in the ASC

Only one session will take place per table, with the tutor and the student sitting at least 6 feet apart. There will be a marking for where the tutor and student must each sit. Face coverings are required when in the Academic Support Center and for the entirety of your tutoring session. 

We are not able to offer small group tutoring for the fall semester—only one-on-one tutoring sessions.

When working on online practice problems, as is often the case in tutoring, the tutor and student will need to work together from 6 feet apart by each looking at their own monitor connected to the same computer (and using their own keyboard and mouse).

Virtual Tutoring

Many of the ASC’s tutoring hours will be held virtually during the fall semester to accommodate COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. Each tutor will have a Blackboard Collaborate room used for their virtual sessions, which the student will enter as outlined in the instructions they’ll be sent in a confirmation email. Depending on the course and what the student wants to work on, the tutor and student can either stay in the BBC room or the tutor will share a link to a GoBoard “board.”

The ASC has partnered with GoBoard so that we are able to provide additional functionality for our all of our tutoring sessions. GoBoard allows for screen sharing with video and audio; all sessions are recorded automatically for compliance, accountability, and training; a PDF of the board is emailed to students and tutors after the session, which serves as a great study tool. GoBoard has functionality designed intentionally for all kinds of tutoring sessions: from Organic Chemistry to writing.

NOTE: The best browser to use for Virtual Tutoring appointments is Google Chrome. You can also use Firefox and Safari; do NOT use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. Please make sure you are using the most updated version of your browser. Also, you will need video and audio capabilities for your session.

Learn more about Virtual Tutoring here.

Tutoring for Remote Learners & Online Courses

This semester, students enrolled in online courses and students staying remote will have access to the virtual tutoring offered by our ASC tutors (see above). Brainfuse Online Tutoring will not be available this semester, as we have our own tutors with virtual availability to support our distance learners.

For students looking for virtual writing support, there are two options. Students wanting to submit a paper and get feedback from a writing tutor should contact the Writing Center; they will be offering asynchronous writing support, in addition to in-person support in the Writing Center. For a student who wants to meet virtually in real time with a writing tutor, the student can schedule that through the ASC (like any other course we support). We have two writing tutors on the ASC staff this semester who will have some virtual tutoring hours available.