Academic Integrity Process

Faculty member

  1. Suspects academic misconduct; 
  2. Speaks to student(s) involved and explains the reasons for their suspicions and the penalty they will assign; 
  3. Files Academic Misconduct Notification Form (AMNF) with Director of Academic Integrity and recommends a university level penalty of warning or citation; 
  4. Sends copies of documentation to the Director of Academic Integrity. 

Director of Academic Integrity (AI)

  1. Requests student version of incident in writing along with extenuating circumstances; 
  2. Verifies 1st, 2nd or 3rd incident for student; 
  3. Verifies the university level penalty with the Dean of the college where the offense took place; 
  4. Informs academic advisor, Athletics if student is an athlete; informs program if program-level penalties may apply (graduate programs and nursing); 
  5. Sends email to student asking for their choice of a) accepting the penalty or b) appealing the accusation; 
  6. Places academic integrity registration hold on student(s) until training is complete or student is cleared of wrongdoing. 

Student sends email(s) to Director of AI:

  1. Prepares and submits to Director of AI his/her version of events; 
  2. Chooses acceptance of the penalties and is directed to training with Director of the Writing Center, and Director of AI; 
  3. Chooses to challenge the report through a hearing: 
    1. Director sets up the hearing panel of members of the Academic Integrity Council (Faculty and Student members); 
    2. Date is established and student is requested to attend or submit a statement; 
    3. Panel makes decision and notifies Director of AI who notifies student. If the charge is upheld the student receives the penalties as stated originally. If the charge is overturned, no record of the incident appears in any database and the student is completely cleared. 

Student begins training:

  1. Attends training class and submits required assignment; OR 
  2. Contacts the Director of the Writing Center for training regarding plagiarism and academic integrity violations; 
  3. After completing the writing center training, student contacts Director of AI for reflection portion of training; 
  4. Once training is complete the Director of AI lifts the registration hold.  

Director sends evaluation link to student and faculty for assessment of process and training.