Faculty Leadership

College of Arts & Sciences

  • Dr. Sandra Coyle
    Interim Dean
  • Ms. Vanessa Harper
    Cuba Scholar in Residence

Humanities Division

  • Dr. Carole C. Barnett
    Coordinator for Humanities
  • Dr. Sandra Lynn Coyle
    Dept. Coordinator for English
  • ​​​Dr. Matthew Groe
    Dept. Coordinator for Philosophy & Religion
  • Dr. Janet Haavisto
    Director of Academic Enrichment, Director of Honors Program
  • Dr. Annmarie Kent-Willette
    Director, Marilyn Repsher Center for Teaching & Learning​
  • Dr. Scott Kimbrough
    Division Chair
  • Mr. Dennis K. Stouse
    Dept. Coordinator for Communication

Naval Science (ROTC Program)

  • CAPT Neil Karnes
    Commanding Officer

Science & Mathematics Division

  • Dr. Joseph Cradlebaugh
    Dept. Coordinator for Chemistry
  • Dr. Pamela Crawford
    Dept. Coordinator for Mathematics
  • Dr. Barbara A. Doyle
    Dept. Coordinator for CS
  • Dr. Brian Lane
    Division Chair of Science & Math
  • Dr. Daniel McCarthy
    Dept. Co-Coordinator for Biology & Marine Science
  • Dr. Anthony Ouellette
    Dept. Co-Coordinator for Biology & Marine Science
  • Dr. Lucinda Sonnenberg
    Director of the Millar Wilson Lab
  • Dr. Huihui (Helen) Wang
    Dept. Chair of Engineering

Social Sciences Division

  • Dr. Laura Atkins
    Director of Experiential Learning & Service Learning
  • Dr. Sherri Jackson
    Interim Division Chair of Social Sciences


  • Dr. Stephanie James
    Director of Leadership Program
  • Dr. Colleen Wilson
    Division Chair of School of Education

Davis College of Business

  • Dr. Don Capener
    Dean Davis College of Business and Robert T. Shircliff Endowment Chair
  • Dr. Douglas Johansen
    Associate Dean, Director of Graduate Programs

Accounting, General Business, Economics and Finance Division

  • Dr. Robert Boylan
    Guy Botts Chair of Finance
  • Dr. William Crosby
    Acting Associate Provost; Director of ADP
  • Dr. Carol Dole
    duPont Chair of Sport Business; Dept. Chair of Sport Business
  • Dr. Robert Houmes
    Thomas R. McGhee Chair of Accounting
  • Dr. Hassan Pordeli
    Hugh Culverhouse Chair

Marketing, Management, International Business and Decision Sciences & Information Management Division

  • Dr. George Gresham
    Dept. Chair of Marketing & International Business
  • Dr. Douglas Johansen
    Associate Dean, Director of Graduate Programs
  • Dr. Angela Mattia
    Director of Teacher Education by Design (TEDD) Program; Director of Online Programs

School of Aviation

  • CAPT. Mathew Tuohy
    Director of Aeronautics


  • Ms. Jessica Collogan

College of Fine Arts

  • Dr. Henry Rinne

Division of Art and Art History

  • Ms. Lily Kuonen
    Foundations Coordinator
  • Ms. Tiffany Leach
    Director, Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Visual Arts
  • Ms. Dana Tupa
    Division Chair of Visual Arts

Division of Music

  • Dr. Timothy Snyder
    Director of Vocal Studies; Music Division Chair

Department of Theatre and Dance

  • Ms. Cari Coble
    Director of Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Choreography Program
  • Mr. Brian Palmer
    Division Chair Dance/Theatre

Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences

  • Dr. Christine Sapienza

Keigwin School of Nursing

  • Dr. Cheryl L. Bergman
    Associate Dean, Keigwin School of Nursing
  • Dr. Michelle Edmonds
    Assistant Dean for Faculty & Curriculum
  • Anthony Fisher, MSN, RN
    Director of Lazzara Nursing Clinical Skills Lab
  • Dr. Carla Fry
    BISK Center Director, Undergraduate
  • Dr. Mary Gipson
    Chair of the Faculty
  • Dr. Kathleen Kavanagh
    Director of Simulation Training and Applied Research (STAR)
  • Dr. Jessica Shearer
    Director of Undergraduate Nursing Programs, Keigwin School of Nursing
  • Dr. Hilary Morgan
    Director of Graduate Nursing Programs, Keigwin School of Nursing
  • Dr. Teresa MacGregor
    Graduate Director, Nathan M. BISK Center 

School of Applied Health Sciences

  • Dr. Heather Hausenblas
    Associate Dean, Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences

Communication Sciences and Disorders

  • Ms. Jodi Morgan
    Co-Director of Brooks Rehabilitation Continuing Education Units (CEU) Program
  • Dr. Judith Wingate
    Chair, Dept. of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Health Informatics

  • Dr. Brandy V. Gustavus
    Chair, Dept. of Health Informatics


  • Dr. Christopher Robertson
    Chair, Dept. of Kinesiology
  • Dr. Jeffrey Wight
    Director of Human Performance Lab

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Dr. Whitney George
    Chair, Dept. of Clinical Mental Health Counseling​

Occupational Therapy

  • Dr. Michael Justiss
    Chair, Dept. of Occupational Therapy

School of Orthodontics

  • Dr. Jorge Farill-Guzman
    Clinical Director
  • Dr. Eman Othman
    Interim Chair, School of Orthodontics; Director of Fellowship Program; American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) Advisor