Capstone Policy Project

​In Capstone, students utilize and further develop their analytical and communication skills during their last year in the Master in Public Policy degree program. Working with a faculty advisor, the Capstone Project can help resolve a public polic​y problem for a client or a policy research question.

Students produce an extensive research paper with policy recommendations and present their work to faculty, policymakers and, if applicable, their client.

"The JU MPP Program is designed to prepare students for employment in the public, private and non-profit sectors. This preparation is critically important. All three sectors need graduates with knowledge, analytic ability and communication skills in public policy."

John Peyton, CEO of Gate Petroleum, Mayor of Jacksonville, 2003-2011

Completed Capstone Projects

Some previous capstone projects include:

  • Ruth Ann Hepler, Esq., MPP '18
    "Bail Reform in Duval County"
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. J. Rody Borg
    Featured in Florida Times Union
  • Ashley Werdann, MPP '17
    "Policy Evanluation of the Administration of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Tests in Alcohol-Related Motor Behicle Traffic Accidents Resulting in Fatalities and/or Serious Bodily Injury"
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Murphy
    Invited to present research at Oxford University
    Invited to present research at academic conference in Hawaii
  • Grant Gibson, Esq., MPP '16
    "Community Redevelopment Act Implementation: A Study of 'Best Practices'"
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. J. Rody Borg
    Student worked with the City of Jacksonville, Jacksonville University, and others to study and implement the Renew Arlington Community Redevelopment Area (CRA)
  • Elizabeth Feustel, MPP '15
    “Understanding and Improving the State of Capital Infrastructure and Technology in Duval County Public Schools”
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. J Rody Borg
    Research conducted for client Jacksonville Public Education Fund (JPEF)
    Student hired by JPEF to expand research, which was submitted to the Duval County Public School Board

Capstone research papers are archived and available. Please email for more information.​

Policy Matters Journal

Coming soon. The Institute is developing an annual public policy journal that will publish exemplary ​capstone policy papers.

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