Joint MPP/JD Degree Master in Public Policy + Juris Doctor

The Public Policy Institute partners with Florida Coastal School of Law to offer a Master in Public Policy - Juris Doctor (MPP-JD) dual degree program that combines your interests and training in public policy with the intensive legal training of a JD program.

The MPP-JD is a 4 year program. If pursued separately, obtaining both degrees would take 5 years.

In year 1, students complete the entire first year curriculum of the MPP degree or law school 1L. In year 2, the other school’s first year curriculum is completed. In years 3 and 4, students take a mix of law and policy courses, with time split between both schools. At no point should classes reach overtime load.

The Institute recognizes 12 credits of law school coursework toward the MPP degree, and Coastal Law recognizes 12 credits of MPP coursework toward completion of the law degree. Total coursework is a combined 114 credit hours: 36 credits in public policy and 78 credit hours of law school coursework.

Applicants to the MPP-JD dual degree program must gain admission to both Jacksonville University and Florida Coastal School of Law. Admission to one program does not guarantee the applicant will be admitted to the other. Applications are welcome from students with baccalaureate degrees in any field.

Students may apply to the dual degree program prior to enrolling in the JD or MPP programs or at any time during their first year in law school or at the Institute.​

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