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A group of pre-law students pose for a picture.
A pre-law student poses for a photo at the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

Why Pre-Law at JU?Experiential Learning

The Pre-Law Program at Jacksonville University offers a variety of engaged learning activities and extracurricular programs to help prepare students for law school and foster their interest in the legal system. 

  • An active Pre-Law Society led by students that plan events, LSAT support sessions, and meetings with attorneys and judges from the Jacksonville area. Register at the Pre-Law Society on ECHO to receive e-mails about upcoming events. Society membership also allows you to be included in networking opportunities and law school visits.
  • A Mock Trial team that competes against nationally ranked teams including Florida State and the University of Miami.  The team consists of students who participate as both attorneys and witnesses in a series of competitions run by the American Mock Trial Association.
  • LSAT preparation in the form of mock exams and study sessions.
  • Internships at the Public Defender’s Office, Jacksonville Bar Association, Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, and the only undergraduate internship at a federal courthouse in the state of Florida.

Law School PreparationSuggested Timeline

As you prepare for law school, it is important to stay on track and meet suggested deadlines for admissions testing and registration. This timeline highlights some of the important steps you should take throughout your time at JU.

Freshman Year

  • Discuss your interests with our Pre-Law Advisors
  • Join the JU Pre-Law Society and Mock Trial Team

Sophomore Year

  • Begin coursework in the Pre-Law Certificate program
  • Begin studying for the LSAT, including taking a practice exam
  • Observe a trial in Jacksonville
  • Continue meeting with a Pre-Law Advisor
  • Meet and get to know your faculty members (this is important for future letters of recommendation)

Junior Year

  • Create your account with the Law School Admission Council
  • Register for and take the LSAT
  • If possible, complete a legal internship in Jacksonville or your home city, state or country
  • Research potential law schools of interest
  • Continue meeting with a Pre-Law Advisor
  • Continue building relationships with faculty members

Senior Year

  • Work with your Pre-Law Advisor to draft your personal statement
  • Request recommendation letters for law school applications with plenty of advance notice
  • Submit applications to law schools - be mindful of early decision and other deadlines for each school

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