Pre-Law Certificate

Although law schools do not recommend any specific pre-law major curriculum, undergraduates with an interest in a legal career will benefit from learning more about the legal profession, honing foundational skills, and exploring coursework related to the law and legal issues. As a complement to each student’s chosen major, this 13-credit certificate enables students to explore their interest in legal issues and to develop the critical skills necessary to succeed in law school and a legal career. Students will complete a 1-credit Proseminar in Legal Studies, 6 credits in Foundational Courses, and 6 credits in Legal Studies Courses.


Required Courses

JU 175: Proseminar in Legal Studies (1 Credit)

This course acts as a primer for students interested in law school. Students will learn about the study of law, the application process, and legal research skills. Guest speakers from the faculty and the community will expose students to their areas of expertise and opportunities both on and off campus. A goal of this course is to encourage students to use their time at JU to become a well-rounded person who can demonstrate passion, critical thinking, and creativity.


Foundational Course (6 Credits)

Foundational courses are designed to build skills in critical thinking and communication. Students may choose any two courses from the following selection: 

  • COMM 302SI: Persuasive Speaking
  • ENGL 302WI: Writing: Exposition
  • ENGL 304WI: Writing: Argumentation
  • HIST 400WI: The Technique of History
  • MATH 301WI: Intro to Abstract Mathematics
  • MATH/PHIL 330: Symbolic Logic
  • JU 300: Mock Trial OR internship Credit: Mock Trial participation or internship credit may be approved by the chair of the Pre-Law Certificate (Up to 3 credits total can be counted toward the Certificate)
Legal Studies Courses (6 Credits)

Legal Studies courses allow students to explore their interest in the law and legal issues.  Students may choose any two courses from the following selection: 

  • COMM 455: Communication Law
  • PHIL 311: Political Philosophy OR POL 401: Political Theory
  • PHIL 320: Philosophy of Law
  • POL 309: Constitutional Law
  • SOC 189: Intro to the Criminal Justice System
  • SOC 305: Criminology
  • SOC 380: Juvenile Delinquency