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Chris Fischer and Dr. White speaking to a group of policy leaders.

Why Choose Our Program?

The JU MPP-Marine Science dual degree program is a 3-year program for students who recognize the importance of combining scientific skills and public policy know-how to the future of marine science and environmental policy.

In year one, students will take first year MPP courses or first year Marine Science. In year two, courses will be taken in the other program. Year three will have mixed policy and marine science courses. If pursued separately, the two degrees would take 4 years.

These programs:

  •  Allow you to obtain two degrees in three years
  •  Provide tools to analyze present-day environmental issues with a policy lens
  • Provide a variety of real-world experiences with internships at a wide range of governmental agencies and collaborations through organizations such as OCEARCH and the St. Johns RiverKeeper
  • Provide experienced faculty spanning from biologists to lawyers

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Dual degree student presents about our marine science political work.

About Our Program

The dual degree program coursework consists of 60 total credit hours. The MPP program consists of 36 credit hours, including an internship (3-credit MPP internship requirement can be met through an MPP internship, qualifying clerkship, or qualifying work or professional experience; it must be completed prior to the third year) and a Capstone Project. The MPP program will recognize 12 transfer credits from the Marine Science Program, for a total of 48 MPP credits.

The Marine Science program consists of 24 credit hours. The Marine Science program will recognize 6 transfer credits from the MPP Program for a total of 30 Marine Science credits.

How to Apply

Graduating seniors and mid-career applicants:
Applicants seeking admission to the JU MPP-Marine Science (MA) dual degree program must be admitted to both the JU MPP program and meet its admission requirements and the JU MSC program and meet its admission requirements.

Current Jacksonville University MA-MSC students:
All current MA-MSC students who wish to pursue the dual MPP-MA program must apply to and be admitted to the MPP program through thePublic Policy Institute at Jacksonville University in addition to being accepted into the MA-MSC program through the College of Arts and Sciences. See Graduate Admission Requirements for the MPP program.

Current Jacksonville University MPP students:
All current MPP students who wish to pursue the dual MPP-MA-MSC program must apply to and be admitted to the MA/MSC program through the College of Arts and Sciences in addition to being accepted into Jacksonville University's MPP program through the Public Policy Institute. See Admission Requirements for the MA/MSC program.

Veterans' Applications
Jacksonville University welcomes applications from veterans to the MPP or MPP dual degree programs. The MPP Program fully qualifies for the financial benefits available to veterans or their dependents.

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