Core Values

Civility, integrity, accountability, courage, service, and stewardship are the core values of the Jacksonville University Public Policy Institute and an essential part of the Master in Public Policy (MPP) curriculum. These timeless and enduring values are neither conservative nor liberal. With these values, and an MPP degree, our graduates can change the world. The following is a brief description of Institute’s core values:


Civility involves treating everyone with respect and dignity. It includes politeness, courtesy, and tolerance for other points of view. Civility rejects personal disparagement. It makes constructive and inclusive public policy possible.


Integrity is fundamental to good public policy and leadership. It includes honestly and truthfulness, but also good character. It means having a strong moral compass and doing the right thing because it is the right thing.


As former Jacksonville Mayor Ed Austin was fond of saying, "shared responsibility means no one is responsible". Accountability means taking personal responsibility and holding public institutions and servants accountable to those they serve.


Courage is a defining characteristic of great leaders. It includes the willingness to confront extreme difficulty, challenges, and potential loss. It often involves significant risk and potential for personal criticism and failure. It requires perseverance, determination, and conviction. Visionary leadership requires courage.


The notion of service before self is fundamental to the Institute’s core values. With a servant’s heart, and an MPP degree, our graduates can change the world.


Stewardship is taking care of something entrusted to you. It includes the responsibility to manage as trustees for the future. MPP graduates are stewards for the future of our city, state, and nation.