Policy matters are shaped and created through a wide range of disciplines and across diverse fields.​ The Master in Public Policy degree at Jacksonville University emphasizes interdisciplinary study and the development of core skills. 

Our faculty reflects this interdisciplary approach, bringing expertise in  philosophy, economics, political science, law, leadership, communications, management, marine science, and more. 

In addition, classes are offered with lecturers who are currently active in their fields. These lecturers offer broad and diverse points of view and approaches that further and enhance students' learning.

Our Faculty

Baker Headshot      Dr. Stephen Baker

         Professor of Political Science; Consultant for the U.S.                   Department of Justice; MPP Governance 

           Ph.D., Political Science, Northern Illinois University
           B.S., Political Science, Northern Illinois University

           Policy Interests: Public Opinion; American Government; Elections                         Research

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Borg Headshot      Dr. Rody Borg

        Professor of Economics and Public Policy; Forensic                      Economist for the City of Jacksonville; MPP Faculty                      Governance Committee; MPP Admissions Committee

           Ph.D., Economics, 1986, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
           B.A., Economics, History, 1976, Huntingdon College

           Policy Interests: Market Assessment; Urban Development; Economy

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Csar      Prof. Trey Csar, MPP

   Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, Impact Florida;             Former President of  the Jacksonville Public Education           Fund

            M.Ed., Education Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
            B.A., Journalism; Business Administration, University of Florida

            Policy Interests: K-12 Education; Urban Development; Environmental

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demps       Dr. Julius Demps

          Associate Professor of Management; MPP Fcaulty                        Governance Committee

     Ph.D., Organizational Leadership, Northcentral University
     M.A., Human Resource Development, Webster University
     B.S., Sociology Florida State University

     Policy Interests: Business; Leadership

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Dulay       Dr. Marcel Dulay

   Adjunct Faculty; Supervising Engineer, Parsons                       Corporation; MPP Governance Committee

    Ph.D., Public Policy (environmental focus), University of Texas at Austin
    M.S. Environmental Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
    B.S. Civil Engineering (water focus) University of Texas at El Paso

            Policy Interests: Sustainability; Environment; Business

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Freiberger       Dr. Erich Freiberger

          Professor of Philosophy and Public Policy; MPP Fcaulty                  Governance Committee


              Ph.D., Philosophy, Boston College
     B.A., Philosophy, Georgetown University

     Policy Interests: Ethics

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ju       Dr. Andrew Ju

          Assistant Professor of Economics

             Ph.D. Economics, University of Connecticut, 2019
             M.A. Economics, University of Connecticut, 2016
             B.A. Economics, University of Florida, 2011
             Policy Interests: Education Policy, Labor Relations, and State and Local                  Finance
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Kent-Willette       Dr. Annmarie Kent-Willette

          Professor of Communication; Executive Director of                        Global Teaching and Learning; MPP Governance                            Committee

             Ed.D., Educational Leadership, University of North Florida, 2009
             M.A., Communication, University of South Florida
             B.A., Communication, University of South Florida

             Policy Interests: Media Literacy; Media Law; Ethics in the Media

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Majdanics       Prof. Tom Majdanics, MPP

          Founder, Advisor to Executive Director and President/COO            at KIPP Jacksonville Schools; Former Professor of                         Education Policy

             MPP, Master in Public Policy, University of Chicago
             M.B.A., Master in Business Administration, Dartmouth College
             B.S., Finance; Management; American Government, University of Virginia

             Policy Interests: Education; Public Finance

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Mccormick       Prof. Paul McCormick

          Guest Lecturer; Senior Campaign Consultant

             B.S., Political Science, St. Anselm College

             Policy Interests: Campaigning; Media Relations; Crisis Management

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Miller      Dr. Will Miller

         Executive Director of Institutional Analytics, Effectiveness,          and Strategic Planning; Professor of Urban Studies and                Public Policy; MPP NASPAA Accreditation Committee, Co-              Chair

Ph.D., Urban Studies and Public Affairs, University of Akron
           M.A.P., Political Polling, University of Akron
           M.A., Political Science, Ohio University
           B.A. Political Science, Ohio University Honors Tutorial College
                                                               Policy Interests: Public Opinion, Foreign Policy, Urban Renewal

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moreland       Dr. Charles Moreland

          Adjunct Faculty; Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, City             of Jacksonville; Minority Fellowship Advisory Board Member

             Ed.D., Doctor of Education, Nova Southeastern University
             M.P.A., Master Public Administration, Nova Southeastern University
             B.A., Business Administration, Edward Waters College
             A.A., Organizational Management; Nursing (RN), Florida Community                                  College
             Policy Interests: Public Administration; Emergency Medical Service                                                                           Management
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Mullaney      Prof. Richard A. Mullaney, J.D.

        Lecturer; Director of the Public Policy Institute; Political                Analyst for WJXT Channel 4; Former General Counsel for              the City of Jacksonville; MPP NASPAA Accreditation                        Committee, Co-Chair 

           J.D., Juris Doctor, Levin College of Law, University of Florida
           B.A., Political Science, University of Florida

           Policy Interests: Local government; Healthcare; Education; Criminal                       Justice

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Ray       Dr. Ray Oldakowski

          Professor of Geography and the Environment

    Ph.D., Geography, University of Illinois
    M.A., Geography, University of Florida
    B.A. Geography, Stetson University                                                                      Policy Interests: Public Opinion Research; Demographic Spatial                     Analysis; Environmental Policy

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Pomante       Dr. Michael Pomante

          Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy;              MPP Faculty Governance Committee

    Ph.D., Northern Illinois University
    M.A., Central Michigan University
    B.A., Michigan State University

            Policy Interests: State Election Law; Voter Turnout; Political Behavior;                    Political Parties

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Reiber        Prof. Matthew Reiber, J.D.

           Adjunct Faculty

              LL.M., New York University School of Law
              J.D., Columbia University School of Law
              B.A., Political Science, Claremont McKenna College

              Policy Interests: Tax Policy; Civil Litigation

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Trajkov        Dr. Nevena Trajkov

           Professor of Political Science; MPP Faculty Governance                 Committee 

              Ph.D., Political Science, Florida International University
              M.A., Political Science, Florida International University
              M.B.A., Walsh College                                                                                                      B.S., Music, Eastern Michigan University                                                                      Policy Interests: Women's rights and voting rights for historically                                                                                disadvantaged groups


White       Dr. Quinton White

          Professor of Biology, Marine Science; Executive Director,              MSRI

    Ph.D., University of South Carolina
    M.S., University of Virginia
    B.S., North Carolina Wesleyan College

             Policy Interests: Environmental Policy; Invertebrate Zoology; Marine                       Ecology

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