Global Institute for Teaching and Learning


Promoting a culture of peace and understanding through excellence in global education and engaged learning. 


Through Jacksonville University signature study abroad programs, Jacksonville University’s GTL develops strategic global partnerships, provides academic oversight and university wide coordination, and promotes JU international programs while providing exceptional student-centered opportunities for engaged learning and excellence in undergraduate and graduate education.


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We're excited to speak with you about your opportunity to study abroad with JU's signature partnerships! Click the link below and hear from Dr. Annmarie Kent-Willette, Executive Director of the Center for Global Teaching and Learning.

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From the Executive Director

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Jacksonville University’s Center for Global Teaching and Learning. Serving JU as both a faculty member and Executive Director, I work to develop and maintain campus wide global partnerships for the university. Specifically, the GTL provides academic oversight, university wide coordination, and promotes a series of international signature partnerships programs. At the heart of the GTL is a commitment to providing exceptional student centered opportunities for engaged learning and excellence in both undergraduate and graduate education. 

Time and again, I witness the transformation that takes place when a college student steps out of the familiar and into the unknown. I believe education remains the one great hope for vibrant democracies throughout the world. For me, study abroad is an integral part of education, necessary to prepare students for life in an increasingly global community. When done right, study abroad has the power to promote peace, replacing fear of the unknown with understanding, illuminating shared values, and cultivating respect for differences. Study abroad affords students the opportunity to experience engaged learning while increasing knowledge through experience and understanding. 

Through the GTL, I actively work to enhance the international aspects of select partner programs, including internationalization of academic curricula, strengthening select study abroad programs, and expanding international research and outreach programs while proactively seeking funding opportunities. During the last year, JU added international internships in Spain and Italy and welcomed a new global partner with campuses in London and Scotland. 

The GTL actively works to cultivate global learning experiences for students across disciplines, online and in person, and actively includes opportunities for the adult learner. Through collaboration with campus wide partners, the center has reimagined inclusive global learning, study abroad opportunities, international internships, and the new Global Learning Certificate all while focusing on student centered learning. On behalf of the GTL, we remain committed to fostering an inclusive, positive culture, while working with a diverse faculty and staff.


Dr. Annmarie Kent-Willette
Executive Director, Global Teaching and Learning
Professor and Chair, Department of Communications
Jacksonville University

Signature Partnerships

Jacksonville University is proud to partner with the Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy, Barcelona SAE in Barcelona, Spain, and Glasgow Caledonia University in Glasgow, Scotland and London, England. Through these signature partnerships, JU offers university wide coordination and academic collaboration providing innovative and engaging educational opportunities. These Signature Partnerships allow JU to cultivate global learning experiences for undergraduate and graduate students across disciplines, online and in person, and include the adult learner. Through collaboration with many different campus wide partners,including Student Life, Professional Studies, and traditional undergraduate resources these signature partnerships have allowed for the successful development and implementation of global learning through international internships graduate coursework and undergraduate coursework.


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Dr. Annmarie Kent-Willette

Executive Director of Global Teaching and Learning