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Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is to advance Jacksonville University’s engagement in research, scholarship, and innovation.

The ORSP partners with Jacksonville University community in the pursuit and administration of funding for sponsored programs to expand knowledge, enhance teaching and service activities, direct innovative projects and research, and institute meaningful and progressive change.

The office oversees a variety of functional areas, including research compliance, pre-award and non-financial post-award. It ensures activities align to the standards of conduct expected by federal, state and local governing bodies, and those that represent the values of the University. 

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Upcoming Internal Grant Deadlines

EPIC Investment Projects May 3, 2024
Faculty RCAS Grants Oct 25, 2024
Student RCAS Grants

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  Dec 6, 2024

Professional Development Grants

Rolling until funds are exhausted. Please submit four weeks in advance.


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Our Work

The ORSP reports to the Provost and serves every faculty member in every academic discipline and research area as it relates to research, scholarship, education, public service, and creative activity. This support includes pre-awards, limited non-financial post-awards, and compliance oversights; and all funds applied for and/or awarded from outside the University as a grant, contract, or other Sponsored Agreement.

We are the only administrative unit authorized by the University to review and submit funding proposals, and negotiate the terms of grant and contract awards made to the institution. Any award made to the University may only be accepted by the President, Provost or Chief Financial Officer.

Lastly, the ORSP is the designated administrative unit to Jacksonville University's Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The committees are charged with ensuring that research conducted at the University follows the requirements and guidelines set forth by federal, state and local governments for the protection of human subjects and the ethical use of animals.

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Immersive Learning

The ORSP enhances the educational experiences of our students and faculty through supporting a continuum of research and scholarly activities in the fields of healthcare sciences, business, aviation, STEAM, public policy, and sustainability.

These experiences are primarily funded through the Epic Program at Jacksonville University.

Through EPIC, faculty and students at Jacksonville University have been able to transform the state of Florida through combating climate change, enhancing healthcare offerings, and hosting national political forums.

We believe in immersive, engaged learning. Watch this video to learn more about how the Jacksonville University nursing program, the first in the state of Florida to offer an accelerated 12-month BSN, prepares students through the use of tools such as virtual reality, telepresence robots, and anatomage equipment!

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The use of virtual reality in healthcare

Dr. Santos: 

My name is Amber Santos and I am the Director of Innovation and Quality and what that just means is that part of my job is to bring in innovative active learning into our curriculum. It is important as a nursing school to continually evolve. We can't just do the status quo type of learning and education that we've always done. We need to evolve as a school and part of that is bringing in the technology needed for today's students in today's healthcare. 


Bobby Davidson: 

We're seeing VR explode in the training industry for a lot of different reasons. we started looking at software that's out there for the nursing program there's actually a surprising number of products that tailor to this type of experience training nurses and other medical professions. SharecareU has excellent graphics that lets you go inside the human body and see different parts of anatomy and physiology and then a few others that provide simulation experiences where you're actually in the hospital next to a patient conducting Procedures. 


Dr. Santos: 

Virtual reality is an immersive learning tool that we use and once they put on those goggles they're literally immersed into that environment. So, we can talk in the classroom about plaque buildup in our arteries and atrial sclerosis but when they get into that VR world, this immersive world, they get to actually see it and they get to interact with it. So, they can see how the blood flows through a vessel and how over time plaque builds up and then they can also click a box and see how a stent is placed into the vessel. 


Dr. McCray: 

My name is Melissa McCray and I am the Student Success Specialist and an Assistant Professor with the Keigwin School of Nursing. What helps nursing students be successful in nursing school is the use of technology. that's really a key component. what we are seeing more and more is very tech savvy nursing students and that's great because when you're in the field of nursing technology is being introduced every day and so it's important that those students are educated in our nursing program to use some of this technology and interface with that technology. 


Dr. Santos: 

There are a lot of secondary benefits from the type of learning we're providing to our students. it can be just them being a little bit more familiar with the technology so when they see it in the healthcare setting and they see a telepresence robot rolling down the hall of the facility that they're working in they will already have seen that and they will understand how to interact with that and communicate. And, they will also understand that even though that's a telepresence robot, that could be a family member on the other end so they still have to have that caring spirit of a nurse and part of that is worked into our simulations so that they understand that while technology is a wonderful thing it can never replace the impact a nurse can have the caring part of what we do you. 


Internal and External Grant FundingInvested in you!

ORSP offers a range of opportunities for faculty and students to go to conferences, purchase research equipment, conduct studies, travel, and more! In the last five years, we have awarded $8.9 million dollars in external grant funding, and over $100,000 to faculty for professional development. 

Learn also about the internal grant opportunities available to you and how to get started! Some of the opportunities available are the Faculty RCAS grant, I-DID, Faculty SOS, Student RCAS.

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$8.9 millionreceived in external grant funding over the last five years
$100,000+awarded for faculty professional development

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