Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Summer 2022

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will be operating both in-person and virtually during the hours of 8:30 - 5:00 Monday - Thursday during the summer months. We are ready and happy to meet with you in-person, virtually, or by phone.

For one-on-one personalized assistance, please contact us to make an appointment during our office hours.  If you are unable to meet during these times, let us know and we will work around your schedule.

Grants and Contracts, Intellectual Property, EPIC: Send us an appointment request at

Research Compliance: questions related to resuming in-person research and preparing to submit an IRB/IACUC proposal.  Send us an appointment request:

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is to advance JU’s engagement in research, scholarship, and innovation.

The ORSP partners with members of the JU community in the pursuit and administration of funding for sponsored programs to expand knowledge, enhance teaching and service activities, direct innovative projects and research, and institute meaningful and progressive change. The office oversees a variety of functional areas, including research compliance, pre-award and non-financial post-award. It ensures activities align to the standards of conduct expected by federal, state and local governing bodies, and those that represent the values of JU.


About the Office

What does “Research and Sponsored Programs” include?

  • All research, scholarship, education, public service and creative activity, regardless of discipline.
  • All funds applied for and/or awarded from outside the University as a Grant or a Contract or other Sponsored Agreement.

What does the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs do?

  • Reporting to the Provost, the ORSP serves every faculty member in every academic discipline and research area.
  • The Office provides support in pre-award, limited non-financial post-award, technology transfer, and compliance oversight.

The ORSP is:

  • The only administrative unit authorized by the University to review and submit funding proposals, and negotiate the terms of grant and contract awards made to the institution. Any award made to the University may only be accepted by the President, Provost or Chief Financial Officer.
  • The designated administrative unit to JU's Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The committees are charged with ensuring that research conducted at the University follows the requirements and guidelines set forth by federal, state and local governments for the protection of human subjects and the ethical use of animals.

Please note: For planning purposes, be advised that the ORSP does not submit proposals on weekends, holidays, or after 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  Further, all proposals for external funding, regardless of dollar amount, must:

  • Be reviewed by the ORSP a minimum of 5 days before the due date.
  • Have institutional approval prior to being submitted to a funding agency.

JU reserves the right to reject an award if the project has not been properly routed and vetted by Administration prior to its submission.