Faculty Development Internal Funding Opportunities

Faculty Professional Development Grants

Updated August 17, 2021

Jacksonville University encourages members of the faculty to attend and contribute to professional meetings.  We will offer two distinct professional development (PD) applications for the 2021-2022 year: 

(1) Virtual Professional Development Grants


(2) Travel Professional Development Grants 



Eligibility: Full-time faculty members.

Fall 2021 Virtual Professional Development Parameters:

Only registration fees will be considered eligible for reimbursement. Faculty members who fail to apply in advance should not expect reimbursement for virtual PD.


⇒    For Virtual Events occurring between July 1, 2021  and June 30, 2022, please download and complete this application a minimum of 5 business days ahead of the event. We reserve the right to deny any requests that fall short of the five day advance.


For all in-person professional development occurring July 1, 2021 forward. Faculty members who fail to apply in advance should not expect reimbursement for travel PD.

Eligibility: There are two categories of eligibility that apply to all full-time faculty members interested in travel funds:

1. Formal Presenter of a prepared paper, or recognized discussant, panelist, or convener for a formal session listed in the meeting program; or
2. Attendee (i.e., non-contributor).

Fall 2021 Travel Professional Development Parameters:

Faculty members who meet either of the two eligibility requirements specified above may receive reimbursement for their registration fees, transportation, and reasonable lodging costs and reasonable food costs. Faculty should consult with their chair and/or dean for additional support if needed. 

Normally, faculty will be eligible to have their category 1 and category 2 expenses covered for no more than two conferences per year in accordance with the following schedule:

Attendee:           Domestic (up to $800)                   International (up to $1,200)

Presenter:         Domestic (up to $1,000)                 International (up to $1,400)

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions: For in-person events occurring between July 1 and December 31, 2021 that require domestic or international travel, approval by the Senior VP for Academic Affairs/Provost is required until further notice. The ORSP will navigate the Sr. VP approval process on behalf of faculty upon receipt of a completed Travel Application.


1.  Know Before You Go: Read the current ORSP Travel Policy available here.

2. A minimum of 10 days prior to the travel date, submit a Travel PD application to ORSP@JU.EDU

⇒        Download the Travel application here.

Process for submitting Virtual and Travel PD Requests:

  1. Once the application has been signed by the faculty, the chair, and the dean, it may then be submitted to ORSP by either the requesting faculty member or the dean’s office. Please decide who will be submitting your application in advance so we don't receive duplicate submissions.  
  2. Each application will receive a timely response. Due to workforce reductions, the ORSP will not have dedicated administrative support this year. In advance, we'd like to thank everyone for their patience and general good cheer as we adjust to a new workflow during the semester.  
  3. It is the faculty member’s responsibility to verify they received an award confirmation prior to attending the event. If you haven’t heard from us within five business days of your submission, chances are we did not receive your application.  Please follow up with your chair and/or dean’s office directly. Applications submitted after the event has already occurred will not be considered for approval or reimbursement.
  4. Because funds are limited, there is a competitive preference priority. Faculty applying as presenters will be given a competitive preference for discipline-specific presentations at national conferences. For those applying as attendees, junior faculty (those who have served three years or less at JU) receive priority.
  5. Reimbursement: Awardees must submit their reimbursement requests using the Chrome River system, available via MyJU.  Requestors should refer to their award letters for appropriate account number.
  6. Allocations to support faculty PD are provided annually, although, due to the unpredictability of demand, budgeted funds may in some years be insufficient to meet all legitimate needs for assistance. 

Submit completed applications to ORSP@JU.EDU