Institutional Data

Founded: 1934 (History of JU)

Address: 2800 University Blvd, North, Jacksonville, Florida 32211-3394

Main number: (904) 256-7000

Web site:

Authorized Institution Officials:

For submitting proposals that include a budget request, and all federal and state applications: Director of Research and Sponsored Programs

For accepting awards and contracts: President and CFO

EIN/TIN: 59-0624412

DUNS: 78314903

Facilities & Administration (Indirect) Rates:

On Campus Activities: 36.70% 

Off Campus Activities: 13.70%

Rate is applied to a Modified Total Direct Cost Base

Cognizant Federal Agency: Department of Health & Human Services; Arif M. Karim - A, Director, Cost Allocation Services   (214)-767-3261.

Please contact ORSP if you need a copy of the agreement.

Fringe Benefits:

Full-Time (Academic Year and 12 month employees): 25%

Part-Time, Adjuncts and 9-month contracts: 12.1%

Student workers, grad and undergrad: 1.21%


Institutional Review Board (IRB #): 00009290 

Federal Wide Protection of Human Subjects Assurance (FWA): 00020200

Carnegie Classification: Masters Medium

Sector: Private non-profit, 4-year up to doctorate

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U.S. Congressional District: FL 04

State House District: 13

State Senate District: 9