Safety Program

​Jacksonville University is committed to a culture of safety through the implementation, maintenance and promotion of an Aviation Safety Program involving every aspect of flight and ground operations. The well-being of our students, faculty and staff is of paramount importance. Our safe-mindset drives an emphasis on education, training, communication, inclusion, participation and forward thinking of all members of Jacksonville University's School of Aviation and those of our flight-training provider, L3Harris Airline Academy.

The Safety Culture of Jacksonville University's School of Aviation​ is our foundation for accident prevention. During our direct or indirect involvement in the flight program we will strive to promote and maintain the highest level of safety while operating training aircraft in the air and on the ground. This safety commitment encompasses direct as well as observed operations conducted by any persons, regardless of experience. Safety needs to be at the forefront of every operation, such that a proactive, rather than reactive, approach is taken to eliminate all accidents, incidents, and unsafe occurrences.

Aviation Safety Program

Core Values

The core values identified are based upon safety conscious aviation professionals in Jacksonville University's flight program and are to be observed by faculty and support staff, as well as students.

  • Be safe foremost
  • Act with professionalism
  • Have ethical behavior
  • Strive for lifelong learning
  • Be accountable
  • Enjoy aviation
  • Respect people

Aviation students can access additional information on our safety program, including how to submit a safety report through the SAFETY PROGRAM tab in the AVO Flight Program course on Blackboard.

For additional information on our safety program please contact our Safety Officer, Capt. Mike Pinho, at 904-256-7895.