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Aviation Management


Program Educational Objectives

Professional Competency: Graduates will possess the requisite knowledge and skills necessary to make an immediate positive impact for their employer as well as act with the highest standards of professionalism evidenced by their ethical character and integrity.

Regulatory Compliance: Graduates will be able to assess the role and impact of regulatory compliance in the conduct of global aviation commerce.

Triple Bottom Line: Graduates will be able to apply the knowledge that sustained profitability in global aviation commerce results from the involvement of innovative and engaged people who develop optimal use of resources.

Critical Thinking: Graduates will demonstrate the planning, decision-making, workload management, and communication skills necessary to engage in effective critical thinking


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Graduation Rates

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Student Employment Outcomes

Aviation Management

Aviation-related employment or degrees

Aviation-related employment or degrees
Field Number employed
Aviation Management 8
Flight 1
Aviation Electronics 0
Air Traffic Control 0
Aviation Maintenance 0
Safety 0
Material or Equipment Supplier 0
Manufacturing 0
Other employment 0
Aviation-related degree 0

Other, non-aviation-related employment or degrees

Other, non-aviation-related employment or degrees
Field Number employed
Non-Aviation Employment 4
Non-Aviation Degree 2
Seeking Employment 0
No Information 7