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As a prospective freshman, our admission team along with our aviation team, will work closely with you from the point that you apply until you become an official JU aviation​ student. Our aviation program is a great place to be. We're growing, we're making history and we want you to be a part of it all!

Jacksonville University’s admission and aviation teams will work closely with all prospective freshman and transfer students from the point of application to the successful transition as an admitted JU aviation student. The School of Aviation is making history with constant growth, advancements, achievements and partnerships. Our aviation program will allow you to start and work towards a rewarding career in the field of aviation. Our passion combined with yours is what will make this the place to be.

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We are eager to send you more information regarding our Aviation program and the specific aviation track that interests you. If you would like such information or have any questions pertaining to the program, please feel free to contact us by phone or email

The School of Aviation:

Alix Melchionna (Associate Director): 904-256-7434 •

Capt. Matt Tuohy (Director): 904-256-7894 • 

Nikki Bobbin (Office Manager): 904-256-7895 •

Office of Admissions: 904-256-7000 •

If you would like to attend an Aviation info session/ JU campus tour and you have not already scheduled one you can go to and schedule your visit.

**If you are interested in an Aviation info session within 24 hours, please contact the School of Aviation directly at 904-256-7434 or by email at **

Transfer Students

Whether you are looking to transfer to Jacksonville University from a community college or from another 4-year institution, we want your process of transferring to be as smooth and as possible! You will need to submit your transcripts to the JU Office of Admissions to receive academic credit.

If you would like to transfer into Jacksonville University from a community college or another 4-year institution, we want to make sure the process of integrating into our program is smooth. Credits from your former institution will be evaluated and credited when you apply for admittance. Please contact the Office of Admissions ( for more information on the process.

Are you already a pilot?

If the answer is "yes" then you will earn academic credit for any FAA Certificate or Rating you hold prior to starting at JU. After just two flight lab courses, those credits will appear on your transcript. Your training will begin on the next appropriate step!

You can receive academic credit for any previously earned ratings and licenses. We have the specifics concerning the flight courses that will integrate into and your academic accreditation concerning it. Please contact us by phone or email