Commercial Pilot Track

The Commercial Pilot track prepares you​ for an exhilarating career as an airline pilot flying some of the world’s largest aircraft around the world.

Fast Track into Airline Employment​

Jacksonville University, along with L3Harris Airline Academy, has been training some of the industry’s best pilots since 1996. Our flight school produces first officer candidates for the industry’s most successful r​egional airlines, who fly the most sophisticated jet aircraft. At our flight school you are trained to become a professional pilot from day one!

L3Harris Airline Academy

JU’s partnership with L3Harris Airline Academy makes us distinct, providing true airline-oriented flight training that only an airline can design. Our success is primarily due to the high quality airline standardized training curriculum we p​rovide. Our training models flight training set by our partner airlines ensuring that your training exceeds the highest quality standards.

Fly Right Away​

At JU, flight training begins immediately. Two weeks into your freshman year, you are scheduled a training activity three times a week – on the ground, in the air, or in our state-of-the art flight training devices. JU’s aviation program is small by design, with a teacher-to-student ratio that ensures individual attention.​

Flight Training​

The flight training we provide is highly specialized and complemented by JU’s world-class business school. Not to mention, that our degree plan offers a faster route to a professional cockpit than other pilot training tracks. With hard work, you could earn all your certificates and ratings in the first three years at JU. And remember: we’re in Florida. W​e fly in great weather year round!

98% Placement Rate into Airline Careers​

After gaining experience in flight training, you will get qualified as a flight instructor. JU students who graduate and complete their employment phase as flight instructors with L3Harris Airline Academy in high demand by all regional carriers. Upwards of  98% of those JU students interviewed are hired by regional carriers.

Want to know more? Contact us for more details…the sky’s the limit!​