Flight Costs

The Aviation Management & Flight Operations program requires additional fees for certain courses involving actual flight training. These courses are offered in partnership with L3 Airline Academy.

Flight course fees are based on a course allocation table. Because flying is a skill, the student's actual course cost may vary and is dependent on his or her ability, knowledge, and effort expended toward acquiring pilot certification. Flight course fees are subject to change without notice due to changing FAA requirements and price changes by the L3 Airline Academy. Students progressing through all rating from Private Pilot to Certificated Flight Instructor (Instrument) can expect to spend between $60,000 to $75,000 in total fees over their four years at JU.

The School of Aviation maintains a flight cost sheet that includes the course flight fees, any estimated fuel surcharges and other additional costs that are also not included in the course flight fee. To obtain a current flight cost sheet, please contact the JU School of Aviation at (904) 256-7895.