Men's Basketball- Assistant Coach


Position Title

Assistant Coach-Men’s Basketball



Position Reports to (Position Title)

Head Coach-Men’s Basketball


Full Time/Exempt

Job Summary

Primary responsibilities are to assist the Head Coach in all aspects of Division I program including, but not limited to, teaching student athletes how to perform basketball, coordinating team travel arrangements, game day personnel management, some recruiting and other duties as assigned by the Head Coach or Athletic Administration. This position will also assist the Head Coach in organization, administration, and promotion of the program. Approximately 60% of the Assistant Coach’s responsibility is dedicated to the instruction of basketball through on-field (or on-court) training and classroom training through use of video and other teaching techniques. Approximately 40% of the Assistant Coach’s responsibility is recruiting and other administrative duties. Candidates must be committed to the academic and athletic success of the studentathletes.


Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Graduate Assistants and/or Interns


Assisting with any or all of the following duties as assigned by Head Coach:


  • Instructing players in the rules, regulations, equipment, and techniques of the sport.
  • Organizing and directing individual and small group practice activities/exercises as directed by the head coach
  •  Assess player’s skills, monitors players during competition and practice, and keeps the head coach informed of the athletic performance of students

SCHEDULING– Responsible for:

  •  Scheduling of all competition
  • Submitting schedule to the Finance and Compliance Office for final approval prior to initiating contracts
  • Coordinating and Submitting Practice Schedule to DFO

FINANCIAL AID– Responsible for:

  •  Understanding NCAA regulations
  • Initiating process for initial and renewal grants
  • Consistently updating team rosters
  • Meeting athletic grant-in-aid budget

BUDGETS– Responsible for:

  • Assisting in annual budget preparation
  • Staying within amount budgeted for fiscal year
  • Having all expenditures pre-approved through appropriate channels

TRAVEL– Responsible for:

  • Initiating process for all travel arrangements and submitting reports within 48 hours of return

EQUIPMENT/APPAREL– Responsible for:

  • Pre- and Post-season inventory
  • Care and maintenance of all equipment/apparel and facilities
  • Initiating process to order equipment/apparel

ACADEMICS– Responsible for:

  • Supporting all Department of Athletics policies on classroom attendance, study hall, progress reports and enforcing disciplinary actions
  • Working with teams to maintain and increase their APR

FUNDRAISING– Responsible for:

  • Getting prior approval from the DAD prior to initiating a fund raising activity
  • Devising new methods of fund raising
  • Being available for Departmental fund raising activities
  • Following guidelines established by Department, University, and the NCAA for fund raising activities

PAPERWORK – Responsible for:

  • Completing all paperwork by established athletic department and NCAA deadlines

MEETINGS – Responsible for:

  • Attending and contributing to all Department of Athletics meetings and requested functions

CAMPS - Responsible for:

  • Following guidelines established by Department, University, and the NCAA for camp procedures and operations

RECRUITING– Responsible for:

  • Compliance with NCAA recruiting rules and completing associated paperwork in a timely manner
  • Arranging financially responsible recruiting trips
  • Passing NCAA Coach’s Recruiting Test each year
  • Initiating arrangements for all official visits
  • Recruiting students who will be an asset to the University and Department of Athletics and graduate in a timely manner

Required Skills/Abilities

  • Knowledge of NCAA Rules and Regulations
  • Mastery of sport coached
  • Ability to lead, guide and direct graduate assistants, interns and student-athletes
  • Willingness to form relationships with constituents and help fundraise

Education, Certificates, Licenses, & Experience

  • Minimum Education Requirement:
    Bachelor’s degree from accredited college or university, master’s degree preferred
  • Minimum Work Experience:
    Two years collegiate coaching experience at NCAA Division I level preferred
  • Preferred Qualifications:
    Experience with NCAA Division I Rules and Regulations
    Proven recruiting abilities
    Demonstrated leadership skills

Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to physically perform essential job duties or have special accommodations
    arranged in advance

  • Work Conditions:
     Required to work atypical hours including nights, weekends, potential holidays
     May be required to practice in heat, cold, inclement weather

Important Note

This is not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and/or skills required for this position. The University reserves the right to amend and change responsibilities to meet organizational needs.

To Apply

Interested applicants are asked to submit a copy of their resume, cover letter, and list of references along with a completed JU application to Darion Brown at