Weather Readiness

Current Update

Wednesday, July 7, at 6:04 p.m.

Good evening from your Emergency Preparedness Team. A few quick updates for you this evening:

Current Status

At this time, our area is under a Tornado Watch, a Flood Warning, and a Wind Advisory. The Tropical Storm Watch that was in place for the western half of Duval County has been lifted.

We will continue to see rain, some of it heavy, for several hours. Once the steady rain stops, we will continue to see bands of isolated showers as Elsa moves out of our area. Overall wind will also decrease as the storm moves on, but there will still be occasional strong gusts.

Please continue to exercise caution as you move through the area. Avoid standing water whether you’re on foot or in a vehicle. Continue to keep your phone nearby and off of silent mode or ‘do not disturb’ so that you are aware of any possible emergency alerts.

University Operations

The University will resume normal operations tomorrow (Thursday, July 8).

Campus Conditions

If you are currently on campus: Please stay indoors and out of the weather as much as possible. Be mindful of any standing water or tree debris that may have accumulated around campus.

As you return to campus tomorrow: Please be mindful of potential flooding, both around town and on campus. Keep an eye out for tree debris, as well.

Faculty and staff: If you encounter any facility-related issues, please report them using the work order system or call (904) 256-7550 for immediate facility concerns.

Further Updates

The Emergency Preparedness Team will issue further updates only as circumstances dictate. In the event of any drastic changes in weather or campus conditions, we will alert you using the emergency text messaging system. Please download the JU Mobile Safety app if you haven’t already, and continue to monitor your email.

Please stay safe as Tropical Storm Elsa moves through our area. Thank you for your attention.

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