Weather Readiness

Current Update

Monday, September 26, at 3:10 p.m.

All Campuses Closing Wednesday

Based on recent forecasts and our communication with local authorities, the Governor’s Office, and the National Weather Service, all campuses of Jacksonville University will be closed Wednesday, September 28, through Friday, September 30. All classes, activities, and events are canceled, and administrative offices will be closed during this time. The Emergency Preparedness Team will continue to meet, and staff members with Residential Life, Campus Security, Dining, and Physical Plant will remain on site at the main campus.

Updates on Ian

As of 1:15 p.m., Category 1 Hurricane Ian was about 675 miles SSW of Jacksonville, Florida. The most recent forecasts predict that the storm will rapidly intensify before approaching the Gulf Coast of Florida sometime Wednesday. Ian’s path has wobbled over the last several hours, shifting west and then east, and the exact track will greatly influence the extent and severity of the weather we can expect here in Jacksonville.

Probabilities are increasing that the Jacksonville area will experience some degree of tropical storm conditions as early as Wednesday, with the most significant rain and wind arriving that night and continuing through Thursday and into Friday. Localized flooding is a strong possibility throughout Jacksonville, especially given the elevated tides this week. Heavy winds are also possible, especially along the waterways.

Academic Coursework

Because of the likelihood of power outages associated with the storm, we are canceling classes for these three days rather than transitioning to remote or asynchronous coursework.

Students, your professors will address makeup instruction, assignments, etc., with you on a class-by-class basis as needed.

Regarding Voluntary Evacuations

Although the local authorities have not issued an evacuation order, we recognize that many of our students come from outside of Florida. We want to provide as much time as possible for those who choose to leave to travel safely to their destinations before and after the storm.

As in past tropical weather events, we are fully prepared under the current forecast weather conditions to safely house students on campus. We have resources and infrastructure on campus that make this one of the safest places our students and residential staff can be, including generators for food storage and plumbing, stores of food to get us through several days, backup water, active campus security, and on-duty physical plant staff for emergencies.

As with past storms, should conditions call for it, we will relocate residents of North Hall and Village Apartments to the residence halls on the south side of campus: Oak, Williams, and Botts.

This relocation would be for convenience and access to dining, medical care, ingress and egress to campus, and for the safety of our students and staff who would otherwise have to traverse the campus during a significant weather and rain event. Based on current forecasts, we do not anticipate this being necessary; however, we are prepared for the possibility if circumstances change. We will make this decision by 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

If you choose to leave…

  • You are required to complete this form before leaving so the University knows where you are going and has current contact information for you. Please also let your family know your plans.
  • If you are leaving your car on campus, please move your car to the Oak Hall parking garage (Lot K), high ground on River Road (near Oak and Botts), and, if necessary, the Gooding parking lot. Do not park your car under or near trees.

If you are remaining on campus…

If you are staying, we are fully prepared to safely care for you on campus.  North and Village Apartment residents should be prepared, should conditions call for it, to relocate to Oak, Botts, and Williams Hall.

  • You are required to complete this form so the University knows you plan to stay on campus. Please also let your family know your plans.
  • Anyone remaining on campus should plan to move their car to the Oak Hall parking garage (Lot K), high ground on River Road (near Oak and Botts), and, if necessary, the Gooding parking lot. Do not park your car under or near trees.
  • If you plan to stay on campus, the campus gates will close Wednesday evening as the weather increases. We will ask students to remain on campus rather than venturing off. Please plan accordingly if you are planning to stay.

Reminders for All

Today and tomorrow, local members of the JU community should:

  • Get cash. If the power goes out -- and stays out even after storm passes -- ATMs and card readers will not be available. It’s a good idea to have a bit of cash on hand, just in case.
  • Fill up the gas tank in your car. Again, if our area experiences extended power outages, fuel pumps will not be available.
  • Charge your phone. Emergency alerts, like tornado warnings, will be sent via text message. Please turn off any ‘Do Not Disturb’ functionality your phone has, and turn up the volume so you get those notifications.

Next Update

The Emergency Preparedness Team will be closely monitoring the storm's progress throughout the coming days, and we will post updates as new information regarding the storm's impact on us becomes available.

In the event of an emergency, notifications and alerts will be broadcast immediately through a combination of the following communication channels:

What is the Emergency Preparedness Team?

The Emergency Preparedness Team is a group of leaders and experts from various areas of the University who work together to keep our campus safe and alerted to any imminent threats to safety, including severe weather and other emergencies. The team stays in close contact with local public safety officials and weather monitoring services to ensure our campus has the most up-to-date information to make informed safety decisions.

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