Weather Readiness

No classes on Tuesday, January 9 due to severe weather


Update Tuesday, January 9th 1pm

Good afternoon students, faculty, and staff. The Jacksonville University Emergency Preparedness Team continues to monitor the severe weather expected in our area. Classes on all JU sites are canceled today, January 9.

We are likely to experience heavy rains, strong winds, localized flooding, and an increased risk of tornadoes throughout the afternoon beginning around 2:00 p.m. Students who remain on campus please be cautious and watch for downed tree limbs and potential flooding.

Campus will reopen for normal operations on Wednesday morning. Classes and activities on Wednesday should proceed without interruption.

The Jacksonville University Emergency Preparedness Team is monitoring some severe weather that will be passing through the Jacksonville area Tuesday, January 9.

For the safety of our Dolphin community, classes will be cancelled on Tuesday, January 9 at our Arlington, Beach Boulevard, Downtown and Palm Coast locations. We expect to begin seeing some significant impacts of this weather system as early as 1:00 p.m.

Employees: please coordinate with your supervisor to work remotely where possible.


As a reminder, the Emergency Preparedness Team is in close communication with the National Weather Service, Duval County, and emergency planning officials throughout the area. We will always alert you in the event of an emergency. Please exercise caution during the upcoming severe weather.


If you experience an emergency, please contact Campus Security directly at (904) 256-7585. Officers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Stay safe, 

Emergency Preparedness Team
Jacksonville University
Jacksonville, Fla.


Tuesday, August 29th, 3:30 p.m.

Watch an update from JU's President Tim Cost, Dr. Kristie Gover, Dean of Students, and DaVina Hamilton, Associate Dean of Students, for important details on our campus preparations for Hurricane Idalia.

Video Transcript

Hi everybody, Tim Cost here from right in the center of the Jacksonville University Campus, thanks for listening in. We just wanted to take a minute and talk a bit about this storm that's coming to town. We've been working on these sorts of things for a decade together; our goal is always the health and wellbeing of our students. Their physical and mental wellbeing all the time, but specially their safety and security during this type of storm. We have a lot of experience at this, and we thought you might like to know as we handle this one, what's the process and protocol we go through.

I'm really pleased to have two very experienced people here who know what's going on. Let me turn it over now to I think one of the best Deans of Students in the country. She's been doing it a long time with a lot of experience in this type of thing: Dr. Christie Gover.

Thank you, President Cost. Our Emergency Preparedness team will continue to meet over the course of the next three days as we prepare for and plan for the Storm. We expect that inclement weather to arrive in Jacksonville in the wee hours of Wednesday morning and throughout the day Wednesday we should expect high winds, tropical storm-like weather up to a cat three hurricane. I am here today with Davina Hamilton who will be staying on campus along with her family to ensure the safety of your students and keep an eye on the campus community and the impact 24/7 during the storm. DaVina has some information to share with you about what your students should expect during this time.

Thanks, Christie. Right! So, like Christie said I'll be here the entire duration of the storm looking out for your student. First and foremost, we'd love for them to fill out the roll call film form that they should have received via their JU email. Let us know where they're going or if they are staying, that way we can take good care of them. The other thing I'd want you to encourage your student to do is to stay indoors. During this storm starting tonight and until they are given the all-clear. And lastly, please know that we will feed your students. There will be buffets, in both North and Oak Hall, as well as care packages available for students who reside in the village apartments to take advantage of. Your students will be well fed and taken care of. And please know that we'll also have some programming to keep them entertained during this time.

Thank you, DaVina. Please, stay tuned and stay connected with us on email and our social media channels throughout the duration of the storm.

So, now that we're going to wrap up, know that we stay connected with every kind of organization, whether it's school districts, other universities, the sheriff, the National Weather Service, the Mayor, we are trying to do the best things for the students here and these folks do a great job. So, like any family, let's communicate. So, we will put information out there. Stay in close touch with us. Thanks everybody, stay safe.


Monday, August 28th, 5:50 p.m.

Jacksonville University's Emergency Preparedness Team is currently monitoring Tropical Storm Idalia in the Gulf of Mexico.

For the safety of our Dolphin community, classes will be held in an asynchronous, online manner on Tuesday, August 29 and Thursday, August 31. Classes will be canceled and the University will be closed on Wednesday, August 30. Faculty and staff should plan to work remotely on Tuesday and Thursday if possible and as required for any critical business needs.

Faculty are encouraged to be lenient with students who may be traveling, experience power outages, or have trouble connecting to the internet while classes are held asynchronously.

Current Forecast

The most recent forecast predicts Idalia will move north through the Gulf and turn towards the northeast during the day on Tuesday, August 29, to make landfall along the “Big Bend” area of Florida early Wednesday morning. Idalia is currently a Tropical Storm with maximum sustained winds of 70 mph, but is expected to become a hurricane.

Given the size and predicted path of the storm, we may begin to experience locally heavy rainfall and increased winds early Wednesday morning, and the forecast from the National Weather Service indicates that local impacts are possible through Wednesday evening.

Please look for further updates through your JU email and on JU social media.

For students who live on campus, or utilize on campus dining services:

We are well-prepared to house residential students on campus throughout the storm. Students may choose to leave, but the Jacksonville University residence halls are not in an evacuation zone, and we are equipped with back-up generators, an additional water supply, and stores of food to ensure the continuation of normal residence hall and dining activity.

Residential students should check their JU email for full details from Residential Life, including instructions to complete the Hurricane Idalia Roll Call.

The Riverview Dining Hall will remain open on Tuesday for regular dining service, but will close on Wednesday. In lieu of normal dining service, meals will be available in Oak Hall and North Hall on Wednesday. Below is a schedule for buffet-style food service in Oak and North.


Village Care Packages (waters and non-perishable goods) will be available for pickup in Riverview Dining Hall on Tuesday from  2:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


Oak and North Meal Buffets:

  • Breakfast: 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
  • Lunch: 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
  • Dinner: 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

A snack and water bottle station will be set up in Oak, Botts, Williams, and North Halls prior to lunch and will be refreshed for the night during dinner service.


  • Open 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

For students at the College of Law: 

All law classes will be held virtually on Tuesday and Thursday, unless otherwise canceled by the University. Classes are canceled on Wednesday. Students should check their email for additional communications from the College of Law administration and faculty. The VyStar campus will be closed on Wednesday, and faculty, staff, and students should not come downtown until further communication. 

In the event of an emergency, notifications and alerts will be broadcast immediately through a combination of the following communication channels:


We work throughout the year to prepare for tropical systems like Idalia, and we are taking all necessary precautions in case this system does threaten us. The Emergency Preparedness Team will continue to monitor Idalia closely with the help of the National Weather Service and local government officials.

If you experience an emergency, please contact Campus Security directly at (904) 256-7585. Officers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Stay safe, 

Emergency Preparedness Team
Jacksonville University
Jacksonville, Fla.