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Hurricane Preparation Checklist

Facility Preparation

  • If you have temperature-critical materials, contact your Facilities Services office to ensure that emergency power is available.
  • Secure all critical papers, pictures, books and other loose items in a cabinet, desk or closet.
  • If you have cleaning products, paints or thinners, any chemicals in your space, please sequester those products in a safe place to ensure they do not spill.
  • Unplug all electrical equipment, including your computer.
  • Move as much as possible away from windows to an interior area or against an interior wall.
  • Raise equipment, including surge protectors, up off of the floor as necessary, especially if you are on the first floor of a low-lying building.
  • If you can, cover with plastic and secure with tape any office equipment, scientific instruments, fine art, antiques and computers that cannot be stowed or moved away from windows. (This will not be supplied by Facilities.)
  • Close and lock (or secure with tape) all filing cabinets. o Close and lock all windows.
  • Close and lock all doors.
  • Stow telephone in desk, closet or cabinet.
  • Take personal items and backup copies/flash drives home with you.
  • Before leaving, meet with your supervisor to confirm telephone numbers and learn when you are expected to call your supervisor after the storm. Assist other departments as necessary.

Hazardous Materials

Tony DiGirolamo, our Laboratory Manager, has been working to consolidate and prepare chemicals, waste, and other hazardous materials. If you have questions about anything you may need to do to secure hazardous materials in your area, please contact Tony DiGirolamo at extension 7323.

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University Procedures

Cancellations & Evacuations

Depending on the severity of the emergency, Jacksonville University may choose to cancel classes while maintaining essential operations on campus. Please familiarize yourself with the campus procedures that may take effect in the event of a severe weather emergency.

Classes Canceled

  • The Provost and Chief Academic Affairs Officer will determine the cancellation of classes. Please check the University web site and University email for information related to class cancellations.
  • Residential facilities will remain open.

University Closed

  • All classes will be canceled, and business operations will cease.
  • If possible, JU may keep open portions of the residential facilities and essential University operations.

Voluntary Evacuation

  • When a voluntary evacuation is issued for Duval County, a voluntary evacuation may also be issued for Jacksonville University students.
  • Students will be encouraged to evacuate campus. Students who are unable to travel home will be provided with alternative housing options through the Residential Life Office. Depending on the severity of the storm, students may be asked to relocate to Oak Hall.
  • Students will be allowed to drive home when the hurricane is far from landfall and weather conditions permit.  Students who are not traveling to their permanent residence are expected to notify their parents of their whereabouts and complete the emergency contact information form located on DolphinLink.
  • All students should take all of their notes, course syllabi, assignments, books and additional course materials.  Faculty expect you to continue studying for your courses during an evacuation.
  • University personnel such as Campus Security, maintenance workers, and their supervisors will continue to be on duty during these storms.  Campus officials are in constant contact with local, county and state emergency managers.

Mandatory Evacuation

In the rare occasion that a mandatory evacuation is issued for a hurricane:

  • Students will be allowed several hours of safe driving time in daylight hours before expected landfall.
  • Students who are not traveling to their permanent residence are expected to notify their parents and/or out-of-state relative or friend to advise them of their whereabouts and contact information. Students are required to complete the emergency contact information form located on DolphinLink. Please print this form and provide a copy to your RA before leaving.
  • The Student Life office will help coordinate temporary housing for those students who are unable to travel home.  Students should immediately contact (904) 256-7067 for assistance with accommodations.

Remember, it could take several days to provide a safe environment on campus after a hurricane or major storm.  While away from campus, all students should continually monitor the JU Homepage for information and instructions for returning after the storm.  Please do not return to campus until instructions have been issued.

University Reopening

  • Students, faculty, staff and community traffic will be allowed back on campus.
  • Some or all business operations and processes will resume.
  • Classes may or may not resume.
  • Residential facilities may or may not remain closed.
  • JU may only reopen portions of the University operations.

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