Frequently Asked Questions

I've moved. What do I need to do?

Log in to My JU Portal and go the Web Advisor menu/Employee. Under Employee Profile, click on the "Address and Phone Change" link. When complete, click the "Submit" button. The computer system will automatically notify H.R. and we will update your benefit vendors. 

Please note all the other categories of things you can find out through the Web Advisor too.

How do I know what my vacation balance is?

Look under "Leave Plan Summary" on the Web Advisor Menu (above). You should also contact the Payroll Office to verify that your balance is current in the event a timecard may not have been turned in or posted.

I've lost one of my benefit cards (medical, dental, vision). Now what do I do?

Contact the Office of People & Culture and we can print a temporary card as well as order you a new permanent card. Please allow 7 to 10 days for a new permanent card to arrive at your house. (You can also order a card through the My Blue Service website. Once you sign up for My Blue Service, you will have to access the majority of your medical insurance information online.)

I want to apply for another position on campus. What do I do?

Submit a copy of your resume and attach it to a Request to Transfer form, found on the H.R. website Form's page. In addition, submit your application materials to the hiring manager. It is at your discretion if you want to disclose this to your current supervisor. H.R. considers your request as being confidential. If you are selected as the final candidate, you will need to give a minimum of two-week's notice. Generally the two managers involved in the transfer will agree on the transfer date and any other training and scheduling needs for each department.

How do I file a Short-Term Disability (STD) claim?

You will need to complete the STD form, which is available under the FMLA, Disability and Worker's Comp section under Forms, and return it to the Human Resource Office. STD covers up to 60% of your base salary (a maximum of $500 per week) after seven days if an illness or the first day of an accident. Notifications of the status of your claim will come from The Standard Insurance Company.

What if I've been injured at work?

You will find the 1st Report of Injury form under the FMLA, Disability and Worker's Comp section under Forms. Notify the H. R. office (7025), complete this form and send it to us. For medical care, go to the Care Spot location nearest you – they will refer you on to a specialist if one is needed. If this is an emergency, go to your nearest emergency room for treatment. In all cases, it is important for you to submit the paperwork they give you to the Office of People & Culture in order for us to file the claim with the Worker's Compensation Carrier. Please remember with a work related injury, you must coordinate your care and providers with the carrier.

I am planning on resigning from JU. What do I need to do?

You will want to submit a written notification to your supervisor a minimum of two weeks prior to your exit date and a copy of your communications to Office of People & Culture. If you do NOT give a two weeks' notice, you will be ineligible to be paid out your accrued, unused vacation. If an employee has already used more time than they have accrued, there may be a repayment necessary. It is essential that all timecards be turned in so check with Payroll to see if your time is indeed current. If you have been issued a P-card, and/or credit cards; and, if applicable, any other equipment (i.e. cell phone, computer, etc.) you will need to turn them in to Office of People & Culture. If you are moving from the area, please be sure and give us a forwarding address as soon as possible so future correspondence (i.e. W-2's) will be able to reach you.

Your feedback regarding your time here at JU is important to us. Please print out and complete an Exit Interview and return it to our office before your last day. Your personal feedback is completely confidential.