Training and Development

Faculty & Staff Wellness Seminar Series
We value the health and well-being of our faculty and staff. Our goal is to support your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle on campus and at home. We invite you to participate in this year's wellness initiatives.
JU Running & Walking Team (Faculty/Staff) - Flyers with date/time/location will be distributed. All Runners/Walkers, from beginner to advanced are welcome!
Monthly Health & Wellness Seminar Series - Look for future campus emails with seminar date/time/location. Attend this seminar series to gain valuable insight on pertinent health and well-being topics.
​Date ​Seminar Topic ​Presenter
​April 29th ​Health Grocery Shopping on a Budget ​Florida Blue
​May 27th ​Valuing Diversity in the Workplace ​Health Advocate
​June 24th ​Time Management: How Do I Balance Multiple Priorities? ​Health Advocate
​July 29th ​Stress Management: Setting Boundaries ​Florida Blue
​August 26th ​Developing a Student-Focused Attitude ​Health Advocate
​September 30th ​Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce ​Health Advocate
​October 28th ​Learning the Basics: Portion Size and Control ​Florida Blue
​November 25th ​Diabetes ABC's ​Florida Blue
Contact Renee Smith or E'Lisa Green in the Office of Human Resources to sign up for a wellness activity or suggest a new activity to add to the calendar.
Conducting Annual Performance Appraisals
This session is held in late May/June for all Managers, Supervisors and Directors who will be conducting performance appraisals with their employees. Topics covered in this session include how to write a performance appraisal, how to conduct a performance appraisal interview, and common issues that could occur while conducting performance appraisals.
Retirement Counseling
On a quarterly basis, financial advisors from TIAA-CREF visit Jacksonville University to conduct one-on-one counseling sessions with our employees. Do you have questions about your fund choices or what your options for retirement are? Look for announcements via JU News about specific dates and times. These sessions must be reserved in advance. 
In addition, VALIC financial advisors are available for one-on-one counseling sessions.  You can call 904-244-8160 to set up an appointment with either Michael Caira, CFA (Financial Advisor) or Michael Macke, CFP (Financial Planning Advisor).