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Meet the Staff

Portrait of Allana FortéAllana Forté (She/her)

Senior Vice President, Legal Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Chief People and Culture Officer


  • B.S. University of Florida (concentration in  Education)
  • J.D. Stetson University College of Law (concentration Trial Advocacy)

About Allana

Allana serves as the Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Counsel and Chief People and Culture Officer at Jacksonville University. In addition to leading compliance and legal matters for the University,  Allana is also responsible for leading recruitment and retention initiatives for faculty and staff. She oversees activities performed by the Office of People and Culture, including benefits, recruiting, compensation, employee relations, training and employee recognition programs. Allana serves as the chair of the Employee Recognition Committee and the Faculty/Staff Wellness Committee.

As a trained advocate, Allana considers her transition to higher education seamless as she went from advocating for clients to advocating for students.

Allana’s passions include equity work and community mentorship. In her spare time, she teaches higher education law and policy to graduate students. She also enjoys poetry, podcasts, and game night.

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Portrait of Patrice AbnerPatrice Abner

Director of Equity and Inclusion

Patrice Abner (she/her/hers) serves as the Director of Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at Jacksonville University. Patrice has received her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with a focus in Public Relations from the University of North Florida (2008) and her Master of Science degree in College Student Affairs from Nova Southeastern University (2012). Patrice has been working in Higher Education since 2012 and has a passion for social justice, access and retention, and creating positive social change.

Patrice partners with the Office of People and Culture on professional growth and development training and inclusion efforts for JU employees. Patrice's favorite aspect of DEI work is the ability to always plant seeds for future growth and to move organizations forward. It is Patrice's goal to make her work environment a place where people feel safe and comfortable being their authentic selves through her DEI work.

Patrice's go-to relaxation is binge watching is between Netflix's original reality TV shows and Married at First Sight.

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Portrait of Olivia CrewsOlivia Crews

HRIS Analyst

Olivia Crews joins the Office of People & Culture as HRIS Analyst. Her background in Finance and Customer Service serves the team through analytics reporting, process improvements, and new technology implementation.

She is overjoyed to continue to build relationships across campus and looks forward to meeting new people. Olivia is currently working on a Master of Business Administration at Jacksonville University. In her spare time, Olivia enjoys live music, making hot sauce from her pepper garden, and is always open to suggestions for her next Netflix or podcast binge.

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Portrait of Patrice AbnerE'Lisa Green

Senior Human Resources Generalist

E’Lisa Green serves as the Senior Human Resources Generalist in the Office of People and Culture at Jacksonville University. E’Lisa has over 27 years of experience in the human resources field, which includes 15 years of working in higher education.

Prior to coming to JU, she worked in human resources at Head Start, Community Action Agency, CSX, and Modis. E’Lisa has a bachelor’s in business management (BSBM) and master’s in business administration (MBA). In 2016 E’Lisa received the JAXSPYS Award by the Athletic Department for outstanding service to the staff. Outside of her professional duties, E’Lisa is an ultimate car and music enthusiast and has passion for all things fashion and enjoys mentoring others in her spare time.

Portrait of Patrice AbnerJordan Loar

Human Resources Generalist

Jordan Loar serves as a Human Resource Generalist and has three years of experience in the human resources field. She has earned a bachelor’s in political science. Prior to working for JU, she worked at a local pharmacy and two law firms.

Jordan is currently working on her master’s in Instructional Leadership, Training, and Development at Jacksonville University. In her free time, she enjoys playing the ukulele, learning new tricks on the aerial hoop, and traveling.

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Portrait of Patrice AbnerLauren Outler

Human Resources Generalist & Office Coordinator

Lauren Outler (she/her) serves as the HR Generalist & Office Coordinator for the Office of People and Culture at Jacksonville University. Lauren has five years of experience working in Higher Education with an emphasis on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She has earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology and plans to pursue her master’s degree.

Prior to working at JU, she worked in Multicultural Affairs providing multicultural trainings and events for faculty, staff, and students. Aside from Lauren’s professional responsibilities, Lauren is a true DIY fanatic, has a serious love of plants, and loves all things Arts & Crafts.

Portrait of Veronica ZayasVeronica Zayas

Human Resources Generalist

Veronica Zayas joins the Office of People & Culture as Human Resources Generalist with over 20 years of HR experience. Veronica is currently working on her master’s in human resources management at Golden Gate University and has earned her bachelor’s from Robert Morris University.

Veronica's favorite aspect of working in the field of HR is that she likes helping people and receives great satisfaction making a difference in the lives of others. In her spare time, Veronica enjoys reading and dancing.

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Who is my HR representative?

In the interest of serving JU even better, the Office of People & Culture assigns an HR Generalist to each college/organization at JU. The specific areas below are listed so you will know who your professional HR Generalist is. Please note, we are still a team -- if you have a question when your Generalist advisor is out, we are all here to serve you.

  • Academic Advising: Jordan Loar
  • Academic Affairs: Jordan Loar
  • Admissions: Veronica Zayas
  • Alumni: Veronica Zayas
  • Analytics & Planning: Veronica Zayas
  • Arts and Sciences: E'Lisa Green
  • Athletics: Jordan Loar
  • Aviation: Veronica Zayas
  • Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences: E'Lisa Green
  • Bursar: Jordan Loar
  • Campus Security: Veronica Zayas
  • Career Management: Veronica Zayas
  • College of Arts and Sciences: E'Lisa Green
  • College of Law: Jordan Loar
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders: E'Lisa Green
  • Controller: Veronica Zayas
  • Counseling Center: Veronica Zayas
  • Davis College of Business & Technology: Veronica Zayas
  • Education: E'Lisa Green
  • Engineering: Jordan Loar
  • EPIC: E'Lisa Green
  • FICURMA: Jordan Loar
  • Financial Affairs: Veronica Zayas
  • Humanities: E'Lisa Green
  • Information Technology: E'Lisa Green
  • Keigwin School of Nursing: E'Lisa Green
  • Kinesiology: E'Lisa Green
  • Library: Jordan Loar
  • Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts & Humanities: Veronica Zayas
  • LRNet/Student Support Program: Jordan Loar
  • Marine Science Research Institute: Jordan Loar
  • Marketing & Communications: Veronica Zayas
  • Mental Health Counseling: E'Lisa Green
  • Music: Veronica Zayas
  • Orthodontics: E'Lisa Green
  • People & Culture, Office of: Veronica Zayas
  • President, Office of the: E'Lisa Green
  • Public Policy Institute: E'Lisa Green
  • Purchasing: Jordan Loar
  • Registrar: Jordan Loar
  • Research and Sponsored Programs, Office of the: Jordan Loar
  • Residential Life: Veronica Zayas
  • Science and Math: Jordan Loar
  • Social Sciences: E'Lisa Green
  • St. Johns River Keeper: Jordan Loar
  • Strategic Events and Campus Experience: Veronica Zayas
  • Student Activities: Veronica Zayas
  • Student Health Center: Veronica Zayas
  • Student Financial Services: Jordan Loar
  • Student Life: Veronica Zayas
  • Theatre Arts: Veronica Zayas
  • University Advancement: Veronica Zayas
  • Visual Arts: Veronica Zayas
  • Wilma's Little People School: E'Lisa Green

Veronica Zayas

  • Admissions
  • Alumni
  • Analytics & Planning
  • Aviation
  • Campus Security
  • Career Management
  • Controller
  • Counseling Center
  • Davis College of Business & Technology
  • Financial Affairs
  • Office of People & Culture
  • Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts & Humanities
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Music
  • Residential Life
  • Strategic Events and Campus Experience
  • Student Activities
  • Student Health Center
  • Student Life
  • Theatre Arts
  • University Advancement
  • Visual Arts

E'Lisa Green

  • Arts and Sciences
  • Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Healthcare Sciences
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Education
  • EPIC
  • Humanities
  • Information Technology
  • Keigwin School of Nursing
  • Kinesiology
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Orthodontics
  • President, Office of the
  • Public Policy Institute
  • Social Sciences
  • Wilma's Little People School

Jordan Loar

  • Academic Advising
  • Academic Affairs
  • Athletics
  • Bursar
  • College of Law
  • Engineering
  • Library
  • LRNet/Student Support Program
  • Marine Science Research Institute
  • Purchasing
  • Registrar
  • Research and Sponsored Programs, Office of
  • Science and Math
  • St. Johns River Keeper
  • Student Financial Services