Student Responsibilities Information for F-1 Students

​Duration of status (D/S) means the International student is “in status” throughout the academic program, is pursuing a full time course of study, and making satisfactory academic progress.  It also means assuming other responsibilities taken when signing the visa application.  International students are responsible for:

  • Providing copies of the passport, visa, and I-20​ to the Student Life Office upon arrival and copies of extended passports and renewed visas.
  • Reporting all changes of address and phone number to the University (Registrar) and the Student Life Office when the change occurs.  If change of address is not reported within 10 days of a move, a $500 fine will be imposed by the BCIS. 
  • Keeping the passport valid six months into the future.
  • Requesting an Extension of Stay in the United States before permission expires (you need to apply up to 30 days in advance). 
  • Maintaining full-time enrollment for the equivalent of two consecutive academic semesters per calendar year, (12 hours undergraduate and 6 hours graduate per semester equivalent). 
  • To follow international student employment eligibility regulations as stated on the International Student Employment Regulation Form.
  • Obtain appropriate permission for on-campus or off-campus employment including credit or non-credit internships, in advance.
  • Assuring all documents are in order 2 weeks before leaving the United States; re-entry documents must be executed every time the student leaves the United States.
  • Completing Internal Revenue Service Form 1040 NR and/or 8843 every year whether or not money, including scholarships and/or interest on checking and/or savings accounts, was earned in the United States.
  • Notifying the Dean of Student Development of any changes in major and additions of major(s) or minor(s).
  • Attending required International Student Meetings.
  • Registration is scheduled prior to the beginning of each term on dates specified in the academic calendar.  At the time of registration, each student must pay in full the total charges for the semester or session to validate his or her registration.  Charges include: tuition, fees, room, board, and special fees; i.e., laboratory, music, flight, etc.  Failure to pay all tuition and fees will consider you to be out of status, and force you to return home.

The preceding list is not all-inclusive.​


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