Frequently Asked Questions Information for F-1 Students

I am an international student.  How do I apply to Jacksonville University?

Please refer to this step by step page for the undergraduate application process.


Does Jacksonville University provide ​scholarships to international students?
High achieving international students are eligible for partial academic merit scholarships based on their academic ability. Talent based scholarships may also be awarded on a highly selective basis to top performing fine arts students.


Do I have to take the SAT or ACT?

No, the SAT and the ACT are both optional. You do not have to take either one for admission to JU. However, scores from either test may be accepted as a way to prove English proficiency​. and admission to our Honors Program, University Scholars Program, and Freshman Nursing Program requires a certain threshold of said scores.


English is not my first language.  How can I prove English proficiency for general admission?

Please refer to this page English proficiency​.


How do I send my transcripts?

Your school counselor should email all transcripts to If it must be mailed, please address it as follows:

Jacksonville University

ATTN: Office of Admissions

2800 Univeristy Blvd. N.

Jacksonville, FL, USA 32211-3321


Do I need an international evaluation of my coursework?

Students who have attended a college or university in another country are required to complete a Foreign Credit Evaluation.  Please have your evaluation sent directly to Jacksonville University from the evaluation agency. A-level examinations, or baccalaureate examinations should consider requesting an international evaluation.  Some college credit may be awarded.


How do I get an F-1 visa to study in the United States?

Students who wish to enter the United States for the purposes of education must obtain a student visa before entering the country.  To obtain an F-1 visa, students must first qualify for an Form I-20 from a United States college or university.  There are two steps to qualifying for an Form I-20 from Jacksonville University.  Students will first need to be accepted to Jacksonville University based on their academic ability.  Students must then provide documentation that they are able to pay for their expenses while studying in the United States.


What type of financial documentation can be provided for the purposes of the Form I-20?

For the purposes of the Form I-20, Jacksonville University requires that students provide original documentation showing that they can finance the first year of expenses including tuition, room, board, living expenses, transportation and health insurance.  A confidential financial statement will be provided by all international applicants for this purpose.  An original bank letter that is stamped and signed by a bank official will also be acceptable.  Statements of credit, non-liquid assets, and estimates are unacceptable.  If the applicant plans to finance his or her education through a parent or sponsor, a statement of support will be required.


When will my I-20 be mailed?

Once you choose to accept Jacksonville University’s offer of admission​ and your financial documentation is deemed to be sufficient, you will be a copy of your Form I-20 will be emailed to you for review.


I have my Form I-20.  How do I get my visa?

After you have received your Form I-20, your next step is to register in SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) and pay the SEVIS fee.  Please be sure to print your receipt of payment.  You should then complete the government form DS-160.  Pay your application fee and make an appointment for a visa interview at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your home country.  Bring your Form I-20 and financial documentation with you to your appointment along with a passport that will be valid for at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the U.S. 


Will I be able to work in the United States?

International students on an F-1 Visa are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours on campus. Students must apply, interview, and be hired, so employment is not guaranteed.

International students may also qualify for a year of practical training employment after graduation.  All employment must be documented and approved through SEVIS.


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