Jacksonville University GIS Conference Hosted at Jacksonville University

About the conference

The Jacksonville University GIS conference is a regional conference that highlights cutting edge research conducted by our students and faculty in the field of geographic information systems (GIS), with a focus on environmental issues.

Guided by a diverse group of faculty, the conference allows students to engage in the multifaceted process of research and presentation. Undergraduate students will connect with local and regional GIS organizations as well as law enforcement agencies and legal experts, design conference materials, and disseminate conference proceedings. In addition to being a critical part in operations, students will also highlight their own research in special sessions held throughout the conference and connect with industry leaders in their respective fields. 

Where: Jacksonville University, main location

When: Friday April 8, 2022 from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M.

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Who's involved? 

  • Students in each of these classes will play a role in the conference, from research presentations to organization of sessions and dissemination of conference proceedings.
    • GEOG 250TI - Introduction to GIS
    • GEOG/SOC/POL 341WI -Writing in the Social Sciences
    • GEOG 355 - Python Programming for ArcGIS Pro
    • GEOG 455 - Advanced Applications for GIS
    • SUST 480WS - Sustainability Capstone
  • Faculty mentors:

    • Dr. Ashley Johnson (faculty coordinator)
      • Department of Sustainability, Geography, and Environmental Planning 
    • Dr. Ray Oldakowski (course designer)
      • Department of Sustainability, Geography, and Environmental Planning
    • Professor Shelley Grant (faculty coordinator and editor)
      • Department of Sociology

  • Industry guests:

    • St. Johns Riverkeeper
    • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation
    • Jacksonville Transportation Authority
    • Jacksonville Sherrif's Office
    • Gemini Engineering
    • Cordell Technologies
    • Hanson Professional Services
    • Frontier Precision


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