Many business schools offer a program in management. However, few infuse their curriculum with the focus on leadership that occurs in the Davis College of Business (DCOB). At Jacksonville University, a student majoring in management goes "outside the box" to discover the leader within him- or herself. The program requires the student to first master the business core curriculum, so that they are well grounded in the fundamentals of business. Students next learn about the essential ingredients of management to include how teams, organizations, and major corporations are organized and function effectively. This program particularly emphasizes "people skills" such as human resources, communications, and decision making that employers in today's marketplace are particularly seeking.

The courses in this major are designed to provide the student with an understanding of the application of management concepts from the basic principles to the development of the organizational objectives and the strategies necessary to achieve these objectives. The critical skills of working with people, the effective behavior of people in organizations, the development of management information systems, the efficient operation of an organization – all from the systems viewpoint – are stressed in this area.

JU Professors are highly qualified, many with both academic and business credentials. This includes positions such as Vice Presidents and Chief Financial Officers in Fortune 500 companies. They bring real-world knowledge and experience into the classroom and challenge their students to learn, but also to apply business knowledge and management techniques in new and interesting ways. Important processes such as decision-making, business analysis, communications, and negotiations are studied and explored. Expect the unexpected, and be prepared to use leadership qualities and management techniques you didn't even know you had. With a degree in management from JU, you'll be ready to tackle management assignments and challenges in all kinds of organizations.

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This program is available as a major and a minor. Future Dolphins, learn more from your admissions officer. Current Dolphins, talk to your academic advisor for more information.

Career Opportunities

JU management graduates have been successful in a variety of public and private sector roles. DCOB graduates fill a number of executives positions. Some of their employers include CSX, Florida Blue, Georgia Pacific Corporation, Black Knight Financial Services, and UPS. This degree is a good preparation for an MBA.