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Those who choose to pursue a Master's degree from an AACSB institution have solid roots of knowledge from their undergraduate career and aspire to reach higher and stand taller amongst their peers with a higher degree of education. The JU Davis College of Business applauds those who desire a higher level of learning and help foster this ability through their graduate program​.

​The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the degree of choice for a multitude of prospective students across the nation. It has almost become essential for advancement into more senior leadership positions in many industries. For those without an undergraduate business degree, the MBA or Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) is a proven path to new or expanded career opportunities.

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There is a very long history of graduate business education at Jacksonville University (JU). Hundreds of high quality, globally-competitive companies support our programs by hiring our graduates and encouraging their employees to enroll. Many company founders and non-profit organization leaders in our community are alumni. We are proud to say that the JU and Davis alumni network have produced some successful leaders and employees throughout Northeast Florida’s business and economic communities.

MBA Programs are not readily comparable. It is critical that you “Dare to Compare,” as we say. Here are some important factors to consider:

  • Accreditation - Investing in an MBA program that is not AACSB Accredited is risky. Take a look at the accreditation overview to learn why. Only the top business schools in the world have earned such a distinction.
  • Cost - Certainly, the costs of graduate school play a huge factor, but “value-added” education is more critical. There are many more expensive programs, but some are not AACSB Accredited, so you need to weigh cost against the variety and number of courses offered, networking and support services provided, and one-on-one time with faculty. It is what you learn, not spend, that counts most. The difference shows up over a lifetime of career advancement and income growth.
  • Program Flexibility - Would you like to earn an MBA in 12 months, 16 months, 18 months or longer? No problem. Our MBA programs are designed in 8-week long course modules that allow you to conveniently move at your own pace for your own needs. Our​ part-time MBA program now allows more flexibility by including the convenience of evening, weekend, and hybrid courses.​  Take classes at our downtown campus (76 S. Laura Street, 18th floor).
  • Knowledge Content - We continuously keep the program content updated and assess how well it meets critical learning goals that companies value. Our faculty do not just use books – they create the information that goes in them.
  • Leadership Focus - Business expertise is great, but it will be the leadership competencies that you develop in a program that differentiates you and prepares you to move up in​ an organization. We have a strong professional development emphasis that prepares students for graduation.

There’s more to consider, but start by taking a good look at what we are offering. We invite comparisons and will happily answer any questions you may have.​​​

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Video Transcript

The Davis Story: JU Graduate Business Programs

Mae Mathis, Senior Operations Analyst at Merrill Lynch: I heard wonderful things about the class sizes, so you got really individualized attention, and, if I was going for an MBA, I would want as much attention as possible so I can hone my skills and get all the tools I can in my toolbox.

Subba Ayyagari, VP Strategy at Black Knight Financial Services: I was looking for a program that would fit into my -- or fit into my family commitment, as well as that I'll be able to learn, now, what I needed to learn from an MBA program, so I was looking for programs like that, and one of the things is Black Knight has had a long relationship by Jacksonville University in terms of sending students. I kind of [unintelligible] joined that program and actually went through Black Knight and ended up at JU's MBA program.

Dr. Don Capener, Dean, Davis College of Business: Five or six top Fortune 500 companies right in the Jacksonville area that work with Jacksonville University and hire our students.

Andre J. van Rensburg, CEO, Prudential Commercial Real Estate Jax: When I considered the program, I looked at three issues. One was the accreditation; that was important to me. The second part was the structure of the program was really important to me. If you organize your life well enough, you can plan around and within both your personal life and in terms of the office. And then the third component that was important to me was looking into the quality of the professors. And when you do a little bit of research about their background, their [unintelligible] in terms of education, you'll find they are [unintelligible], and I wasn't disappointed with that at all.

Mae Mathis, Senior Operations Analyst at Merrill Lynch: The faculty has been great. Any time you have a question about your career or the course work, they're there for you, just helping you develop as an individual and as a business person.

Subba Ayyagari, VP Strategy at Black Knight Financial Services: I've had great experience with all the professors. They've been extremely helpful. They're available at a phone call or a text to give me advice on the things that I may be running at Black Knight and shoes that I may be wearing at Black Knight that I need advice on, so they've been great. They've been very responsive to me.

Brian Foster, Financial Associate at Prudential Financial: If there was any -- a particular area that I was uncomfortable with, they would come out early, prior to class, and they would do remedial work with myself and anyone else that felt like they needed the work.

Dr. Don Capener, Dean, Davis College of Business: A highly collaborative kind of environment. We've got a lot of interface, one-on-one with faculty and small classes, something where you could come away with lots of recommendations and ideas for opportunities for your career.

Akeela Bravo, Accelerated MBA student: The classes are small, so, if a professor has you in their class, they not only know your name, but they also know something about you, and it's not because they go in your background or whatever; it's because of the personal connection in the smaller classes.

Brian Foster, Financial Associate at Prudential Financial: Well, since earning my MBA, I have gotten increased opportunities at work, I've gotten increased responsibilities, and it's leveled the playing field as far as experience with my fellow coworkers.

Dr. Don Capener, Dean, Davis College of Business: In terms of return on investment, we've seen the average starting salary move up from about $52,000 in 2011 to $63,000 average starting salary in 2013. We still don't have all the numbers for 2014, but we see it continuing to go up, and one of the reasons is that employers value what JU grads can bring to their organizations.

Akeela Bravo, Accelerated MBA student: A lot of opportunities have become avialable. I am now involved in a mentor-mentee program called Leadership Matters, and I am about to begin an internship with a well-established credit union.

Subba Ayyagari, VP Strategy at Black Knight Financial Services: As I was going through the program, my role has changed significantly within the company, and I moved from department management to business strategy, as well as business development at this point. After I entered the program, I got offered to do, actually, a client partnership with one of our biggest customers, so it's been great. Professionally, it has helped out significantly [unintelligible].

Dr. Don Capener, Dean, Davis College of Business: One of the things that we do and is central to our mission is connecting our current students and our graduates with the most interesting, compelling opportunities that are out there.