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Meet the Admissions team at Davis College of Business & Technology. Here to help you succeed, our priorities are your career goals. Take the next step towards a bold future with a DBA at Jacksonville University.

Video Transcript

Welcome to Jacksonville University's Davis College of Business and Technology. You already know me, my name is Ben, I'm the admissions counselor for our Doctorate in Business Administration program. I'm so excited to introduce to you today your academic advisor, your financial aid counselor, as well as the program director for the DBA. Come, join me inside.


Welcome to The Dolphin Family, my name is Mary Glenn Denning and I'm your academic advisor for the DBA program. Whether you are pursuing our academic track or industry track I will be here to guide you throughout the process of registering for classes and planning your executive weekends. Click the link below to schedule some time with me so we can get started on your academic journey. Now follow me upstairs and we'll meet your financial advisor Melissa back.




Hi, my name is Melissa Mack, your financial aid advisor here at JU for the DBA program. If you're interested in participating in a student loan program, you must complete what we call a FAFSA; the free application for federal student aid, which will cover your tuition costs, plus living expenses. If you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to reach out to me via email at You can reach out to me by phone, 904-256-7061 or feel free to walk into my office which is located on the first floor of the Howard building. Now let me introduce you to the program director.




Oh hello. Welcome, I'm Dr. Caitlin Sockbeson the director of the DBA program here at the Davis College of Technology. We are so excited to welcome you to a cohort of world-class leaders here at the DBA program. Whether you take the academic track or the industry track you're going to be set up to make great strides in your career. We are so excited to have you. Please contact Mary Glenn Denning, our advisor who you heard from earlier. She'll get you registered for the upcoming semester, and if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime please contact me. We can't wait to see you on campus.



The academic track is designed for individuals looking to transition their career to teaching at the college level or advance to a better position in the field of higher education.

  • DBA Colloquium II: Training in the best practices of teaching and learning to apply to the classroom environment as a teacher.
  • Dissertation Requirement: Choose between a traditional dissertation or a series of research papers.
  • Professional Organizations: Automatic membership in Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society and attendance at the Doctoral Institute and conference during your third year.
  • Professional Development: Funding available for academic conferences to present research.
  • Funding: Competitive scholarships and GA/TA positions available 


The professional track is designed for individuals who wish to apply high-level skills to real-life problem solving to improve their current organization. 

  • DBA Colloquium II: Either a colloquium on teaching with a training focus or a professional colloquium with exposure to best practices in consulting and how to take a consulting mindset to organizational challenges.
  • Dissertation Requirement: Complete a major research project for your or another organization.
  • Professional Organizations: Participation at an event or conference in Jacksonville with our industry partners.
  • Professional Development: Funding available for professional conferences to present research.
  • Funding: Competitive scholarships available.


Note: Students who enter without a master's degree must choose a concentration option.

Accounting & Finance

The Accounting and Finance concentration prepares students for leadership positions as analysts, managers or C-suite level executives such as CFO.  Curriculum options include investments, managerial, tax, analyzing financial performance, financial modeling, and financial decision making. 

Choose four:

  • FIN 610: Investments
  • ACCT/FIN 620: Advanced Managerial Accounting
  • ACCT 630: Advanced Tax
  • ACCT/FIN 640: Analyzing Financial Performance
  • ACCT/FIN 650: Advanced Managerial Accounting & Financial Modeling
  • ACCT/FIN 680: Financial Decision-Making


The Management concentration prepares students for leadership positions as consultants, managers or C-suite level executives responsible for oversight of an organization.  If you enjoy implementing initiatives and leading people and tasks, this concentration is for you.  Course content includes ethics, human resource management, leadership, and organizational change. 

  • MGT 566: Legal, Regulatory, and Ethical Business Environment
  • MGT 610: Strategic Human Resource Management
  • MGT 620: Responsible Leadership
  • MGT 630: Teamwork and Organizational Change

Healthcare Leadership 

The Healthcare Leadership concentration prepares students for leadership positions as Healthcare Consultants, Hospital Administrators, Directors, or Executives in the healthcare industry. Curriculum options include: 

  • HQS 501: Introduction to Healthcare Quality/Culture, Interprofessional Teams, and Simulation
  • HQS 502: HC Law and Regulatory Environment
  • HQS 512: Organization, Delivery, and Policy in Healthcare
  • HQS 516: Information Systems and Technology for Improved Healthcare

Custom Professional Concentration

Students can choose to customize a concentration to meet their specific goals and interests.  To design the customized concentration of at least 12 graduate credits, students will work closely with their academic advisor and craft an education pathway that provides a comprehensive base of knowledge in their area of career interest. Some examples of customized concentrations include Organizational Behavior, Business Analytics, Data Management, Strategic Management, and Portfolio Management, but you can design the path that is right for you.