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Davis College of Business & Technology - Connection with Faculty

Video Transcript


I decided to come to JU because when I was taking my campus tour and walking around afterwards, I just encountered a lot of faculty and they were more than willing to have conversations with me, and answer any questions that I had and I really thought that, that connection with the faculty was a great asset to JU, being able to have the faculty readily available just to have conversations on the sidewalk is a really great thing about JU.





Leadership Team

Dean's Office

  • Amber Korn​​, Executive Administrator to the Dean, Davis College of Business & Technology
  • Emma Schulok, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator

Graduate Office

  • Julie Anderson, Administrative Director of Graduate Programs
  • Arpita Jadav, Asst. Director of Graduate Student Services, Resource Prof of Decision Science and Information Management 
  • Mary Glyn Denning, Associate Director of Graduate Programs
  • Amanda Sampo, Assistant Director of Graduate Programs

Davis Center for Professional Development

  • Heather Heston, Director of Undergraduate Student Success and Davis Center for Professional Development
  • Tommie Davis, Staff Advisor

Center for Organizational Research and Executive Education

School of Aviation