Doctor of Business Administration

The Davis Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is an applied program where candidates practice using analytical tools to solve current work problems and challenges. The program is ideal for executives, aspiring consultants, policy makers, or “clinical” or applied faculty desiring positions in schools of business internationally. A master’s degree in business is desirable, but not required. The 63 credit hour Davis DBA can be earned in a minimum of 3 years—two years in classes and the final year(s) working directly with their dissertation advisor. Davis DBA classes will meet once a month all day Friday and Saturday, while full time DBA meet for class weekly. The learning environment is a combination of both onsite classwork and engaging individual work that can be accomplished through online exchanges and collaboration with faculty and colleagues. Depending on the “focus” of the study, the program offers more than 18 hours of graduate credits to qualify the graduates to teach if they so desire.

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Fully accredited by SACSCOC and AACSB. For more information about the JU DBA, email

What is a DBA?

A DBA is the equivalent of a PhD in Business Administration. While a PhD tends to be more of a theoretical or scholarly research based program, the DBA is more of an applied research based program. Many DBA candidates are executives who wish to pursue a higher degree while continuing to work full time. Because the DBA focuses on applied research, many students are able to directly apply what they learn to current business issues. Both the PhD and the DBA are terminal degrees.

More information about executive doctoral degrees can be found by going to the website of the Executive DBA Council​, which is an organization whose mission is to foster excellence and innovation in executive doctoral degree programs worldwide.

JU Davis now offers a full-time DBA program designed for dedicated students who seek additional opportunities to conduct advanced research and gain invaluable practical experience interning with a U.S. Corporation or co-teaching in higher education. Research methodology and internship practicum courses are conducted throughout each week of the entire 16-week semester of the program held entirely on campus. Full time DBA students complete a Doctoral dissertation and comprehensive exam. With the mentorship of our esteemed DBA faculty, full-time DBA candidates will have the opportunity to specifically tailor these research and business practicum courses to their field of study.

Why the Davis DBA?

The Davis DBA degree is one of an elite group of AACSB accredited DBA programs. Based on the three pillars of Leadership, Globalization, and Business Analytics, the doctoral program for executives at JU takes business intelligence and the art of “informed intuition” to a new level.

The DBA curriculum builds on the skills professionals have mastered, while heightening their ability to be agile and fluid as a manager. The DBA prepares candidates to scope the best paths for discovery, innovation, and quantitative analysis of opportunities and international challenges.

There are three phases to the DBA program. In the first phase, students complete the “core” coursework during the first two years. The second phase is the comprehensive exam and oral presentation of dissertation proposal. In the final phase, the candidates focus on their dissertation by dedicating their third year to doctoral level research and writing in a business area of their choice.

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