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Why Choose Our Program?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science in Applied Business Analytics (MSABA) dual degree program offers broad exposure to advanced-level analytical skills and core business knowledge. It is designed for managers and executive-level management careers that want to apply business analytic skills to decision making. Our program:

  • Provides business leaders hands-on experience with data mining, visualization, interpretation, and project management
  • Offers managers training with the latest in business technology including SQL, Tableau, Python, and R programming necessary to apply IT, statistical, and management science models to decision making in business
  • Allows for collaboration with fellow and future business leaders
  • Prepares students for strategic application of business principles to sustain high corporate performance
  • Emphasizes corporate responsibility, economic optimization, organizational behavior, demand analysis, profit analysis, business ethics, and effective management
  • AACSB-accredited dual degree program, the highest standard in business education, ensuring a sound investment of your time and money



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About Our Program

Our Curriculum

Foundation Course Prerequisites

These courses are required for candidates who do not have a bachelor's degree in business or who lack basic knowledge in the following disciplines: 

  • ACCT 509 - Essentials/Fundamentals of Accounting
  • DSIM 509 - Essentials/Fundamentals of Quantitative Methods
  • ECON 509 - Essentials/Fundamentals of Economics
  • FIN 509 - Essentials/Fundamentals of Finance

Applied Business Analytics Program Requirements

  • DSIM 602 - Introduction to Applied Business Analytics
  • DSIM 603 - Applied Statistical Modeling and Analysis
  • DSIM 604 - Applied Data Visualization and Analysis
  • DSIM 605 - Applied Data Management
  • DSIM 606 - Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
  • DSIM 607 - Management of Analytical Projects
  • DSIM 608 - Applied Managerial Analytics (Capstone)

MBA Program Requirements

  • ACCT 522 - Accounting for Managerial Control
  • DSIM 518 - Competing Through Innovation & Information Technology
  • DSIM 535 - Quantitative Methods for Decision-Making
  • DSIM 577 - Managing Production and Service Operations
  • ECON 520 - Economics of High Performance
  • FIN 534 - Optimizing Financial Performance
  • INB 555 - Competing in the Global Economy
  • MGT 545 - Global Corporate Strategy and Policy
  • MGT 548 - Leading People and Organizations
  • MGT 566 - The Legal & Ethical Environment of Business
  • MKG 540 - Strategic Marketing in a Digital Economy
  • XXX xxx - Business Elective*

*Choose one course (3+ credit hours) from any of the following areas: ACCT, DSIM, ECON, FIN, MGT, MKG. This elective is designed to expand the application of analytical techniques in a business scenario that advances student's career goals. 

AdmissionsHow to Apply

  • Completed JU Application
  • Unofficial Transcripts for Degree Most Recently Conferred (Undergraduate-Bachelor’s or Graduate) Additional Transcripts may be requested if you have completed less than 60 credits at your degree conferring institution, or if you are wishing to waive the MBA Pre-Requisite requirements (Accounting, Finance, Statistics, Economics)
  • Students with a GPA under 3.0 will be considered based on a holistic individual assessment that may require extra documentation. 

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